Idea: view ALL arrangement command(toggle)

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Idea: view ALL arrangement command(toggle)

Postby claesbjo » Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:35 am

sorry for spamming with FRs :)

So, I´m producing with folders. Find it extremely efficient now when i´ve sort of mastered the concept. Have drums in one, keys in another etc. I assign the view of every open folder to a separate screen set, so its very fast to switch between folders.

Now, what I would absolutely LOVE would be if there was a command where you could toggle view ALL content in ALL folders in one window, that would be great, and maybe there would be some kind of marking that shows what folder every track belonged to.

This view could be saved as a screen set aswell so for me it would look like
1: drums 2:bass 3: keys 4: ALL

what do you think? would there be any logical(no pun intended) contradictions with a function like this?
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