32 -bit audio unit bridge..

32 -bit audio unit bridge..

Postby ouni » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:26 am

still crashes.. I use EWQL plugins and 32 bit AU bridge crashes about 5 times per hour.. TERRIBLE!

I remember Logic Pro from version 7. Now it is version 9! By resolving one of the bugs apple make 5 new bugs in it. many bugs repaired are great, but the number of new bugs in every version is really horrible!

(not talking about only logic pro)

So if you can, fix the bug with this audio - unit bridge and after DON'T SEND ME update, where the bridge will be OK and some other functions, which NOW are ok will be BUGGED! send me please update, where the logic will be OK and will work fine at all! that is update and that is, what i PAID!
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