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  1. No, unfortunately that's not possible. I suppose one workaround would be to keep a Marker list open in the right pane?
  2. Haha.. same here, I started doing some once in a while but then I realized that there had to be a better way and sure enough I found a way to do it globally on the whole board at the display level so that there's no need to go back and re-edit the old posts. Much better now.
  3. Resorting to that kind of workaround is the name of the game with all sample libraries out there as far I know. Most orchestral composers end up using negative delay to compensate for the slow attack of some samples, depending on the tempo of the piece and the desired result.
  4. I've found a way to remove all the empty lines that appeared between paragraphs in posts. This was an issue mainly because pressing Return on the old board did not create the same spacing as it does now, and we ended up with paragraphs that had too much empty space in between them. This is now fixed!
  5. I love how you reproduce the orchestration note for note, great job. On the other hand I'm sure you could add finesse to avoid the mechanical sound associated with MIDI. Some timing imperfection, some expression curves on the strings and winds so they start soft and go up in volume with each note for example, like a real string player would play them. And then in the mix there are some things that can be done to add width (the piano sounds narrow) and depth (working with reverbs). Just trying to think of little things that could be done to take the overall result to the next level.
  6. I have finally added a link to "Unanswered Topics" (like in the old forum) to the Forum sub-menu! 😀
  7. No, the division setting itself does not affect the behavior. I was just thinking that maybe you were working at the wrong tempo before and that perhaps what you considered musically as 8th notes were really beats on the grid. Just trying to guess what could have happened that could explain what you're describing.
  8. Wow no I wasn't aware of that Euphonix model. That's cool that you were one of the designers! Well yeah if you have the time then I would definitely spend some time learning Flex while experimenting, at least then you can make a decision to use it or to continue doing it your way not because you're unfamiliar with the tool but because you know exactly what method is best for you. 😀
  9. I was thinking the same thing. It would be nice indeed if Apple had a page with a list of all the demo songs for any Logic user to download. Beck, Foster the People, The Killers, Lily Allen, Santigold, Brandi Carlile...
  10. Alright then good to hear that at least you've found a way to make it work the way you want to. 😀
  11. I suppose it could be. What is your project tempo set to? And when you turn on the Metronome, does it play beats as expected?
  12. No worries, thanks for updating your own post and really there's no need to delete, just leave it so that anyone who may have the same issue (we're all super tired at some point or another) can benefit from it! 😀
  13. That's fine, and honestly what better way to start a monday morning than with a good laugh, and that video was perfect for that. Thanks for sharing it! 😄
  14. You seem to confuse bars and beats, and indeed the behavior you're describing is how it works (and has always worked) but with bars, not beats. Meaning it does repeat a half bar, a quarter bar, or a whole bar, or two whole bars etc. But the minimum unit it will repeat is one beat. So basically, if your selection is less that one beat long, the repeat is on the beat. If the selection is less that two beats long, the repeat is every two beats. If the selection is less that one bar, the repeat is every bars. If the selection is less than two bars, the repeat is every two bars. And so on.
  15. No, I don't believe you have, and the behavior you're describing is the expected behavior. The behavior you want is the odd one, is it possible that you had used the time handles before? Because sometimes if you use the Time handles, then that affects the Repeat behavior, even after you've disabled the Time Handles and are no longer using them.
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