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  1. Open your template, and open the Project File browser (F). If the audio files are listed there, select them all and press delete on your keyboard, then re-save your template.
  2. Ok, then let's try to understand your workflow. What do you mean by going into edit mode? Open the Piano Roll or another editor? Do you open that editor as a pane inside the main window, or do you open a different window?
  3. Can you share a screenshot of your Mixer? Do you sometimes open multiple projects at the same time?
  4. You can either use the Playhead and then use the key command Command-T, or you can Command-click to insert a Marquee bar then press the delete key.
  5. Is it possible that you've inadvertently pressed G (which toggles the Global Tracks on and off)? Or are you using locked screensets perhaps?
  6. Yes exactly. And same for Q-Length. To see what they are, place notes of equal length and velocities on every 1/16 or 1/8 note depending on the Quantize template you've selected, and raise the parameters:
  7. Try to create a new user account on your Mac and see if you can reproduce that issue in the new account?
  8. Sorry if the ads are bothering you. I'm still tweaking things since the forum software upgrade last month. Care to say which ad unit exactly was too much for you? Or is it just a general feeling? Personally the sidebar ad and the bottom footer ad don't bother me, but there may be a little too many ads in between posts in a topic, so I will reach out to my publisher to ask them to lower the count a bit. I welcome all feedback.
  9. You can choose File > Import > Logic Projects and then locate the source project which will list its tracks in the All Files browser. There you can select the Drummer track and add it to your current project. However the Drummer may adapt his performance to the new project, for example if the tempo, arrangement are different. So it won't be playing the exact same performance. The only way to guarantee a performance that's 100% the same is to convert to MIDI.
  10. I can't tell you the date exactly but there have been changes in the environment with respect to note-off handling, yes. I remember it used to be easier, you could just select Status="-----" to select Note Offs, but the last time I checked, this was no longer working.
  11. You can use the Skip Cycle, but there's only one at a time. To use it, drag a Cycle area then Control-click it and choose Swap Left and Right Locators (Skip Cycle). Or you can use Meta events:
  12. Indeed if it says "Open" then that means the app is already installed and up to date.
  13. Q-Velocity does not adjust the dynamic range up or down, it brings the velocity of your notes closer or further away to the MIDI template selected in the Quantize setting. For factory templates, the notes that are on the beat have a stronger velocity than the ones that are on the upbeat. So let's say you have a nice crescendo from a very soft to a very loud note, augmenting Q-Velocity will give an accent to the notes that are on the beat, and setting it to 100% will give you the exact velocities of the notes inside the template. You no longer have any crescendo. Lowering Q-Velocity into negative values will tend to make the accents on the upbeats. If what you want to do is purely reduce the dynamic without getting closer to the velocity differences that are present in a Quantize template in order to even the velocities a bit then you should be reducing the value of the Dynamics parameter as fisherking suggested. This won't show you the new velocities visually though so if you want to see the result of your work, after you set Dynamics for example to 50%, In the Tracks area's local menu bar, choose Functions > MIDI Region Parameters > Apply All Parameters Permanently.
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