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  1. I have always taken great precautions to keep my projects self contained. Always organized as folders, with all audio files inside the audio files folder inside the project folder. The very first thing when I start a new project is to save my project organized that way in the right location, then I keep checking in the project folder to make sure everything looks right, and as I record or import audio files in the project (which I never do before saving the project), I keep track of all the files locations by opening a Project File Browser and making it wide so that I can see the entire path to all the audio files. They should always be inside the project as expected. By doing this I am free to name my files as I want, which is typically rather simple names (Vocals, Guitar, Kick, Snare, etc.).
  2. Did you also reinstall Turbo Boost Switcher Pro?
  3. For anyone else reading this, a solution was posted in the following topic:
  4. Were you trying to save the default setting in another location than the one listed?
  5. Great, thanks a lot for sharing that solution with us! I appreciate it. 😃
  6. Each track has a Key Limit parameter in the Track inspector. If you set both Key Limit values for example to C3 then only a C3 note will trigger that track, no other pitch will.
  7. My memory is failing me to be honest. 😳
  8. I wonder if what you mean is that you were recording the output of Logic Pro?
  9. Yes, you can choose a different output for the click track, however then you won't hear it unless you're monitoring that output. So basically, because you're monitoring the Stereo Out channel strip, you need to route the click to the Stereo Out if you want to hear it. It's not an issue however if the click track overloads the Stereo Out while recording, as long as you don't clip your recording.
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