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  1. Hi David, thanks for your clear graphic but.. sorry but I have hunted around the various menus and google and cannot find out how to display the wave form that you drag the that flexible white line too... ( ie above the main track wave form)....
  2. Importing a music video into Logic (which I dont do very much) I want to Beatmap by hand ie midi template input the soundtrack so that the bars correspond to what is being heard. My understanding of Beatmapping is that Beat 1 of the music has to coincide with a given Beat 1 of the Logic - ie of a given bar, could be any bar. In Beatmapping just normal mp3s I will zoom into the wave graphic and using my ears and eyes slide the Region around until the downbeat coincides with a Beat 1 of the bar. Then input in real time playing along with with a midi drum sound on another the track ( to create the template). However on movies when extracting the audio, I notice that the smpte is Locked by default - and also that it seems a bit tricky to shift the movie and the audio to the downbeat of a given bar... * * * Can someone describe how best to do this? And what is and isnt possible?
  3. David I really don't mean to be too finicky so please don't break your neck with extra work - Logic Pro Help is such a blessing and an amazing resource that I wouldn't want to put too much negative feedback in… Pages do indeed load much quicker and everything is much more clear – and this is a huge benefit for users. another factor to take into account which I must own is that there is a syndrome of resistance to unfamiliarity - so perhaps we will all get used to the new format and its benefits!
  4. I really appreciate the hard work that has gone into the design and functionality of the new site. But I have one real problem with the display: the loss of really compressed and clear titles of the different topics. It is great that you have expanded and compressed view, but I wonder how possible it is to add an even more compressed view. The problem for me is that there is too much space now between the topics so much more tiring and vigorous scolling is required to spin through the list of topics to get to ones of interest. In the previous system you could load lots of topics and quickly arrive simply at the titles that were of interest. Now there is a whole lot more information about the author and thread which for me gets in the way of the sorting process. Also there is too much space given to the signature of the gear that a poster has. This is important but again creates much to much scrolling. If it is possible to somehow offer a very compact view of just the topics I would really appreciate that. Also I miss seeing the amount of years that a given poster has been on the forum. If that could be restored I would be grateful. It is kind of weir to have the 'rank' of a newbie when I have been on the forum since .. 2007 or something like that I do like the additional info of the number of 'solutions' that a person has contributed to as that is useful indicator of their expertise.
  5. PS I made a video explaining the Problem
  6. Just to add a further observation - with several Instrumental parts open slightly offset on another screen so that I can see the purple lines on each part, I now notice that sometimes dragging the Purple line on one part affects the others and sometimes it does not. Does the purple line relate to a specific Scoreset or a Staffstyle - ie if you are using Bass Clef Staffstyle for say Trombone as well as Bass - or using a Bb Staffstyle with slashes ( as in the convention of showing chord sequences for improvising) for both Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone parts - this could cause the entire Layout and Line Break to move in another part you are not working on .. when you drag the Purple line ... what does the Purple line actually relate to..? Does anyone else have experience of this?
  7. Very interesting and helpful comment thanks Plowman! And what you write confirms my actual experience. Since I wrote that post however, I have changed my workflow, realising that it is actually a myth that it is somehow 'safe' to park a finished instrumental part in a locked screenset. I have now been experiment with keeping all instrumental parts at least for a similar group of instruments like say - horn section - in the same Screenset so that you can easily TAB through to check any changes in finished parts as you work on the next part. So for example in an arrangement with Tpt, Sax, Tbn - I will keep work on the Tpt part and finish it. Then Pull up the Sax and have the Tpt part as a model on a separate monitor. Which you cant do if it was on a separate screenset. What would be really amazing is if you could save as a 'template' for a given arrangement the line breaks and formatting with global symbols, because you would pretty much want the bar numbers, line breaks of each part to be exactly in the same place on a given page if possible. I still find that Logic Score Editor 'forgets' too easily and randomly the layout and line breaks of a part. And so I find myself redoing them all the time.. and being very careful to print to pdf once a part is finished before continuing on the next part. ( Still leave the problem that if you want to redo that part it may have changed necessitating more time consuming formatting). Often when one has already made a Scoreset and given it a name in the 'Filter' - you might think that you could reliably pull up all the settings you had made as part of Scoreset but often you have to start from scratch....
  8. Anyone doing instrumental parts on Logic Score Editor will be familiar with the need to set the line layout and staves to the minimum number of pages. In this regard there are three areas where adjustments can be made: 1/ The yellow lines which show the margins of the page - they can be moved around to expand or contract the page space vertically or horizontally 2/ The Size of a Staff style ( though I keep that pretty standard) but in particular the distance between the staves can be adjusted. 3/ The purple line - which seems to separate the Header Area ( with the behaviour of Text dragged into the top of Page 1 obeying different rules to text on the rest of the part) and the shifting of which can move the entire Stave system for that part up or down the page * * * I have only just notice though that if I have several instrumental parts up on two monitors - that if I shift the purple line when displaying Margins - that the entire stave system moves on every part? Which is actually not what I want as different parts for different instruments have different layouts. Often it is a very fine adjustment to keep the part to 2 or 3 pages when a small lengthening of the spacing causes the final bars to expand into a further page with a lot of useless blank space below. When I have finished a given part I will keep it in a separate locked Screenset with the lock symbol ( purple or gold) off - which means that the Screenset does not respond to other regions selected in the Arrange. But there was a behaviour I could never explain until now - that sometimes the finished part with all the careful spacing and line breaks would be messed up ...despite it being preserved in a locked screenset that I wasnt working on. I now realise why many parts which I thought were finished ( ie completed set carefully with line and page breaks) get messed up when working on another part - because I have moved that purple line to adjust the spacing of the chart for a different instrument .... Can anyone explain why the purple line behaves like this - and if it is possible to disable it from operating globally on all instrumental parts?
  9. Totally agree – it would massively improve the score editor to be able to input those symbols globally on all parts like you can when adding double bar lines or repeat signs. From a software writing point of view, could not the symbols you refer to ( including the addition of Rehearsal letters) not be easily moved to the same Score inspector box as Repeat signs etc? At the moment the nearest work around is to have the score in Linear view and Paste Multiple having selected all staves ... but much better to have what you are suggesting
  10. Logic's huge advantage over dedicated Score Software is the opportunity to work with audio and score and midi full integrated - this is a very creative combination which many long term Logic users are reluctant to leave - in the past many advanced Logic users ( Jay Asher, Rohan Stevenson, Peter Schwartz) were using - are still using ? - Logic for orchestral/film/commercial sessions but it is not clear to me how many pro studio arrangers are currently using Logic for large instrumental projects? Personally I never do anything beyond small group jazz/pop arrangements and Logic is fine for that but I am always curious about who is currently using Logic regularly for studio work. Also wonder if the architecture of Logic could be developed to included a Plug In type Scoring programme the way you would run any external Sound Library or Plug In...
  11. Thanks for bringing this thread back - and good to see attention to scoring detail! • Totally agree that is annoyingly too easy to double click a stave and find your part bounces into All Instruments... ! • Also there is too much attention to guitar TAB etc in the Score Editor - I bet that most people using the Score Editor for pro purposes are not writing guitar TAB • Another thing that is sorely needed is intelligent automatic enharmonic changes related to chord symbols. Logic should be able to guess or refer to a chord symbol inserted above that if the chord is Dbm9 - there should be no # signs in the notes, they should automatically be neutralised rather than having to go a change each one. • Same applies to transposing - too many double flats and double sharps... surely an algorhythm could be developed which smoothes this out and saves time? • Bravura is great particularly because it has some absolutely crucial arranging symbols missing from Logic particular the rpt sign for chord symbol - see illlustration below • However you have to change your Mac keyboard setting to unicode to insert it and remember the code to insert it after selecting Bravura font in Text Styles •A workaround is to have one already set up in a Logic Template - a snippet of Region which has the repeat sign on which can then be copied/cloned/cut pasted etc
  12. Thanks for your suggestion Plowman - though I am not sure that I could spend as much time as re-loading 6.2 and trying that... For the record here is the illustration of the problem. In the snapshot below the first half shows the Single Chord symbol selected - a D7 Normally I would follow it with KC: Shift + S ( Select Similar) and it would select all the chord symbols. But now the same Key Command selects the other D7 ..and the Rehearsal Letters ( which are not chord symbols)....?!!! This the renders the purpose useless of KC: Align Vertical objects * * * The only work around is to individually Shift select/rubber band all the other chord symbols by hand - which in this simple chart for a student doesnt take long but...I dont want to be doing this for an entire arrangement of horns and rhythm section at 3.00am !
  13. Logic 10.6.3 has been one of the most stable versions I have experienced especially as regards the Score Editor but one very frustrating change (since moving a couple of days ago from Catalina to Big Sur) has caused a puzzling frustration to my workflow: 1/ When making charts and instrumental parts I have relied on selecting a single Chord Symbol then using the Key Command 'Select Similar' Shift S to select all other Chord Symbols on a given page or stave in order to then use 'Align Vertical' and move them into exact position in relation to the notes they apply to and also make them look really neat. 2/ Now when I select a single a Chord then 'Select Similar' Logic only selects all the chords of the same chord ie select D7 and it only selects all D7s?!!!! Can anyone provide a solution?
  14. Can anyone solve the phenomenon whereby Exs instrument ( piano, el piano) change pitch sometimes when Varispeed is used 'Speed Only Setting'. I do a lot of transcription arrangement projects where I Beatmap Manually ( by midi click input Beat Map not Smart Tempo) an imported CD track. When the bars line up with the audio I play in the transcription - usually at normal speed. Sometime on fast tempo tunes I will use Varispeed to and play in real time on a piano sound ( Exs instrument) sections of the audio I am listening to and then capture the result and edit it in Piano Roll and Score Editor. Most times the Exs instrument stays in pitch with the original audio and it's own tuning ( using the Speed Only setting). At other times Exs instrument sounds crazily detuned as soon as you slow down the project using Varispeed? Can anyone solve explain this?
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