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  1. I love it how some searches loop you back to decade old problems. Non-destructive fades generally work across NLEs (Resolve, Media Composer, ProTools, Premiere) but logic of course can't export them with AAF and also can't import them.
  2. I wrote feedback to Apple and linked them to this thread I hope someone takes notice.
  3. Okay yeah lol sorry two slots is just because it would be cool if the "stack" itself had identical controls as plugins do, that is: - bypass - open GUI (smart controls) - open menu to replace I guess a key modifier (CMD/ALT) could be used instead to "unstack" it temporarily. So yes - scratch two slots, it's a space-waster, i just didn't know where to put the arrow to "expand" stack. I see now what you mean. The key functionality for me would be to be able to recall "Smart control groups" as an insert - so you can easily build recallable macros. Which is only a partial functionality of your idea really. I completely missed the "CONTROLS/PLUGINS" tab on your mockup EDIT: okay you already said "when hovering with OPTION button". Sorry, that was abhorrently sloppy reading on my part. I was kind of excited someone else started pushing this idea finally
  4. then there's Fruity Loops patcher https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-online-manual/html/plugins/Patcher.htm you can do custom GUIs with it. pretty neat
  5. I really like your stack mockups for mixers, but all plugins in a single window could become unmanageable quickly. If i think about it, a double height insert would make sense. I.e.: First slot would act as a plugin: - Clicking center of a stack would open smart-control view of the stack (like it opens a plugin window) - click left side would bypass all plugins - clicking right side would open a plugin menu Second slot would be the arrow, that expands the stack so you can see what's inside, and can open separate plugs inside the stack. To adjust the macros you would have a small (i) on top of the smart controls window (like now) which would allow you to assign the knobs, the stack would auto-expand if you hit the "(i)" so you could assign parameters by learning? RE: management of plugin windows, instead of having all plugins in a single window you could have "expanded view" of the smart controls handled like having smart controls at the bottom, and selected "plugin GUI" at the top.
  6. I think about this every now and again, and actively look for plugin chainer plugins but non really do the job well. • SmartControls but it's an FX Rack/wrapper instead • FX Chains like in studio one I would literally kill for this idea. I love linking more controls to a single knob, you can make "your own" plugins sort of. (i.e. saturation knob but with linked pre/post emphasis). I extremely like your idea of this and would 100% support it. Off to write feedback They already did this "wrapper" thing with DMD EDIT: The key here is MACROS. I want to be able to open just the pre-saved 3 plugins with smart controls as i would open a plugin. I wouldn't need channel strip plugins anymore, i could build i.e. my own FabFilter channel strip and assign stuff to Smart control knobs, insert it as a plugin, and then add reverbs/additions plugs before after all while having smart controlled channel strip as it is, and accessible as i usually access my other plugins. God, i want this SO BAD.
  7. should stay the same on buffer 64, the key to the track bump is changing processing threads. Generally, with Automatic, Logic leaves efficiency cores alone. It's even more dramatic on a non-Pro/Max M1 because it has 4 efficiency cores as opposed to two. (you got 20 more tracks, on a 13" M1 you get 40 more.)
  8. Yeah, that's PA for ya. I don't buy anything from them and sold everything i had, because i don't think they're catering to professionals as far as support and service goes
  9. 4K 43-inch is like 100ppi i use 4K 21.5" LG Ultrafine 4Kabout 40-50cm frmo my eyes, 220ppi. 27" is a big as i would go 4K at ~60cm
  10. oh yeah. it's so.. annoying. gah 1. just use Emagic Logic Platinum 5. It basically has none of the current bugs. 2. see 1. 3. Start learning another DAW from scratch -3.1 Stay on Cubase 10.5 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. -3.2 Update to new OS and 11, which has all the old bugs plus some new ones, but has more features -3.3 Start learning another DAW from scratch --3.3.1 Stay on Ableton 10 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. --3.3.2 Update to new OS and 11, which has all the old bugs plus some new ones, but has more features --3.3.3 Start learning another DAW from scratch --- Stay on ProTools 2020 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. you get the picture
  11. Rocking Monterey and 10.7. one thing that pisses me off so much: marquee, optionclick + drag now cuts up the source region instead of only copying from it.
  12. i'm not a fan of the subtle 3D added around channel strips and knobs tho. Also thicker padding around meters, screen splits, etc.
  13. that's what I was asking myself... is it 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 under the hood - it's well known that it's 7.1.2. in Protools
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