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  1. Could we please have some sort of indication that Project/Track Notes are present. An illuminated dot within the Notes selector on the control bar will suffice. Thanks.
  2. Some of the new sounds alone make it worth upgrading to 10.7. Linn Drum in the new Vintage Drum Machine sound pack is astoundingly accurate. It sent a memory shiver down my spine. A bit non-plussed by some of the new graphics but I suspect it'll look it's best on newer machine. Overall, I like the upgrade a lot. And it's about time I learned to use Dolby Atmos. Well done everyone.
  3. You’re welcome. Give him a shout and, if he can’t represent you, he will recommend someone suitable in your territory.
  4. You need a specialist lawyer even if you go through the YouTube copyright claims process. If you’re UK/Europe-based, I can highly recommend Paul Lennon at Statham, Gill, Davies in London. I’m sure he won’t charge much, if anything, for your initial consultation. Tell him Nev sent you.
  5. I found this Live Loops tutorial really helpful. It goes beyond the very basics. 6m47xMHYXtg
  6. I'd like an indication that there are project/track notes when the notes pane is closed.
  7. Thread of the year, for me. Good stuff.
  8. For arguments sake, let’s just say I do need to update and both are available to my system.
  9. It’s probably inconsequential, but which should I update first? Cheers
  10. Although your review is 4 years old, now I choose headphones for myself I was in search of some reviews, I saw yours and now I definitely intend to take it, but still I will ask the question, has your opinion changed after 4 years? No, my opinion is the same but I haven't tried any other headphones in that time so maybe there are now better ones out there for the money. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you go for them, though.
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