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  1. Hurray! The Default theme selection did the trick! BIG! BIG! BIG! Thank you David!!!
  2. I am using Firefox on my PC. I cleared the cache to no avail. I use Safari on my iPad, I don't know how to clear the cache (couldn't find the parameter in the settings). The url-text remain black. I don't actually know for sure what you mean by theme? If that is what you mean: the iPad's display either in dark or light mode doesn't affect same. Safari on my Mac: the url-text also appear always black unless hovering over it... Shift reloading the page doesn't help. I don't know what you mean by theme here...
  3. That didn't change the look. I think I see what is happening... The url-text turns blue only when the mouse pointer is hovering over it, otherwise it remains black. That is what is happening over here. Isn't possible to set the url-text to be underlined and blue all the time, to make the presence of the url really obvious at first glance? Accessing the forum via an iPad or a tablet, the url-text never turns blue.
  4. The one I retain most, after reading the 3 pages, being: ...money is root of all evil!
  5. Peter Schwartz video tutorials are pretty good (although a little verbose IMHO).
  6. I don’t really understand your queries? AFAIK, Apple loops being royalty-free, no one could claim ownership over them (or part of) if used in their own production; providing those haven’t been modified to a point the resulting loop differs enough to be considered as a different/distinct entity.
  7. In Indeed, that’s where to go to edit/customise the script. The official documentation is fairly good if you already have some basic coding knowledge (IMHO).
  8. I’d venture that the abrupt changes in a square wave makes the tremolo more accentuated. Additionally, the sawtooth fluctuate asymmetrically. Have you tried the sine or triangular wave shape?
  9. Just testing… Hmmm… The url link above still looks black (as the regular text)… Am I getting color blind?😳
  10. Pyramids are there. Carbon 14 could date same of their periods of construction, egyptian artefacts of that periods are found within them. Rosetta stone was discovered to decrypt what was written about same during that period. Etc…
  11. Not intending to be snarky here (honestly!): I have always been fascinated by certain assertions... But how one could actually know about something that happened so long ago?
  12. Have you tried using another user account? (sorry if already answered: too lazy to read back...)
  13. What (precise) MIDI event is used to trigger the page-turn?
  14. Are you using other apps concomitantly? Are you using Time Machine?
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