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  1. Why not posting your pic here? You'd be raising your chances to obtain a solution by the number of viewers attending same...
  2. My goodness des99! Your contribution is really outstanding! I just upgraded to Collection V9 your uploads are God sends! Thanx so much!
  3. Same behavior here,but I'm not sure it wasn't like that before as well.
  4. Have you tried launching Logic from newly created user account?
  5. Working efficiently with Flex does require some learning to obtain satisfactorily results and avoid the traps. But in the end it provides a considerably more efficient workflow. And contemplating your graphic, I could only imagine the tediousness all those editions represents... Choosing the right Flex algorithm can make a huge difference on the outcome.
  6. SSD working differently than HDD. The former out perform the latter in every aspect, including the cost. However mechanical drives (HDD) are fading out technology… Some sampler (ie NI Kontakt) will permit direct from drive sample streaming access which requires less RAM to perform. SSD are therefore highly recommended (ifnot mandatory in some situation). The bottleneck problem you describe is related to HDD. SSD don’t have same (or considerably less).
  7. Isn’t there a Logic’s specific functions to relocate content to external drives?
  8. Hey thanx Snoobysnax for sharing your solution and experience!
  9. Great! Could you please mark this topic as solved. Thanx!
  10. Ok, got it! Thanx stratquebec!
  11. Where did you hear/read about same? I checked on their website, but couldn't find anything about V9...
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