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  1. I don’t really understand your queries? AFAIK, Apple loops being royalty-free, no one could claim ownership over them (or part of) if used in their own production; providing those haven’t been modified to a point the resulting loop differs enough to be considered as a different/distinct entity.
  2. In Indeed, that’s where to go to edit/customise the script. The official documentation is fairly good if you already have some basic coding knowledge (IMHO).
  3. I’d venture that the abrupt changes in a square wave makes the tremolo more accentuated. Additionally, the sawtooth fluctuate asymmetrically. Have you tried the sine or triangular wave shape?
  4. Just testing… Hmmm… The url link above still looks black (as the regular text)… Am I getting color blind?😳
  5. Pyramids are there. Carbon 14 could date same of their periods of construction, egyptian artefacts of that periods are found within them. Rosetta stone was discovered to decrypt what was written about same during that period. Etc…
  6. Not intending to be snarky here (honestly!): I have always been fascinated by certain assertions... But how one could actually know about something that happened so long ago?
  7. Have you tried using another user account? (sorry if already answered: too lazy to read back...)
  8. What (precise) MIDI event is used to trigger the page-turn?
  9. Are you using other apps concomitantly? Are you using Time Machine?
  10. Being underlined, a url link would be more obvious if it would also be coloured in blue (Hint! Hint! David 😉)…
  11. As David said. Also, didn’t you see my url link to the related documentation in my preceding post?
  12. If you followed the proper range mode in the procedures, I’d guess that your pedal is probably triggering the page-turn once on pedal down and another one on pedal up (release)… If that is the case, I would explore ways to modify (or filter out) the pedal release event, or transform it altogether.
  13. I’m not at the studio presently to test same... My train of thought being that each DKD kit pieces responds to a specific note number, setting the key limit to the desired target should do the trick. I’d also try using different MIDI channel for different DKD plugin in use.
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