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  1. Very nifty indeed! It would be interesting to see how Logic handles the latency when there's actual processing on the individual stacks and on the individual tracks!
  2. What is unclear in my previous answer: OK, so in other words, it's actually worse in 10.7 than 10.6.3?
  3. As I said, I choose teh highest amount to make it better audible, nevertheless it also happens with any set latency with any plugin I don't understand why you would you choose a lookahead higher than the optimal amount? The optimal amount is there for a reason. If I choose I higher amount, then I have the same problem as you do in your video.
  4. I think it’s time for a separate post-10.6.3 thread on this because I’ve tried some of ansolas’s cases as well and many of them work as expected. Stopping and restarting is required when cycles are used but that is normal behavior considering the way Logic handles buffering cycle audio. Are you using 10.6.3?
  5. I set it to 200 ms look ahead to make the behaviour most obvious. If I set my lookahead to anything other than the optimal setting, the same thing happens as in your video, but it's meant to set it to the optimal amount, not 200ms?
  6. I'm trying to replicate this in an empty project in 10.6.3 using the same plugins, but I can't. The audio only drifts if I haven't clicked 'Apply' Optimal Lookahead. What are your settings on the Ad Limiter?
  7. This happens to me sometimes in 10.6.3, but when I press stop and play again, it rectifies itself. I'm trying to replicate it in an empty project now, but the delay compensation is actually working properly here in this project. What version of Logic are you using?
  8. every version of logic has had it's bugs, this is how tech works. along with new features, revisions, bug fixes, we get... new bugs. welcome to the world of software. meanwhile, am getting my work done, which is what matters most to me. i've met a bug (or 2), but nothing that would keep me from being productive. Excellent! Long may it continue
  9. Yes, it's running great here, very stable, no problems at all. Once in a while my fans start to go a little crazy but that's only if I use multiple apps at the same time for example my Chrome browser playing video or a demanding web app. I honestly have to say that I'm surprised myself at the performance of my machine, I've been meaning to update it for several years now and just... can't justify it because it's doing so well with everything I throw at it. Great to hear!
  10. I don't feel like 10.7 is unusually full of bugs. It has its bugs for sure (I have personally found and reported quite a few already). However, keeping in mind that all releases (and in fact all DAW software) has bugs, in my experience so far, Logic Pro 10.7.0 is a rather stable update, especially considering that it's a X.X.0 update. Thanks David. I think I'll continue with 10.6.3 and wait for 10.7.1 before taking the plunge. I'm in no mood for updating to Big Sur at the moment and definitely not ready for Monterey yet. Are you running Big Sur on an intel MBA? How is it?
  11. ok, but again.... this forum (& the world) is full of people making music professionally on logic and don't experience it as a 'buggy DAW' (am not saying it's bug free); perhaps, to some extent, it's the way you're using it. try another DAW; perhaps you'll get more-of what you need. or find workarounds, try other ways of doing things. i make my living on logic, and love working with it, and have since 2009. maybe your needs are deeper, more complex. but, in my workflow, there are only a very-few bugs to workaround, and mostly... it's great. I'm glad it's working well for you, but give it time. The bugs will come! The reports have already started on this thread and it's only a few days old.
  12. "unpredictable behaviour"? whatever problems you're having, this is not the 'norm'. most of us on the forum are doing just fine in logic, so it might be more productive to start a thread, describe your issues... and get some help. my experience is SO good with LP 10.7 and previous versions; truly terrifying to imagine going back to logic 9. Thanks. I’ve done that many, many times. About 70% of my posts on here are asking for help/workarounds for bugs I’ve found. Some have been solved thanks to the great community here, but many are still unresolved. Even Apple support couldn’t help. Earlier this year I took the huge step of upgrading my laptop and installing everything from scratch to try and squash as many of the unresolved issues as possible. It worked for some, but others still remain and some new ones have popped up in 10.6.3. A lot of these bugs are ones people on the forum had already identified - the ones that Apple can’t be bothered fixing from one version to the next because they seem hell bent on adding new features and creating new bugs, rather then fixing the ones that already exist. So, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m less than enthusiastic about updating my OS to get the latest version of a buggy DAW, to replace my already buggy version of that DAW.
  13. oh yeah. it's so.. annoying. gah 1. just use Emagic Logic Platinum 5. It basically has none of the current bugs. 2. see 1. 3. Start learning another DAW from scratch -3.1 Stay on Cubase 10.5 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. -3.2 Update to new OS and 11, which has all the old bugs plus some new ones, but has more features -3.3 Start learning another DAW from scratch --3.3.1 Stay on Ableton 10 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. --3.3.2 Update to new OS and 11, which has all the old bugs plus some new ones, but has more features --3.3.3 Start learning another DAW from scratch --- Stay on ProTools 2020 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. you get the picture Back to hardware so
  14. what? you mean, you can't make music on any of these versions, because there are bugs? all software has bugs, that's why the OSes are in a constant state of updates, and why we get point updates in logic. i got thru the year on 10.6, and am now working without major issues in 10.7. if there's a bug, i work around it. anyway, if you're expecting perfection... good luck with that. I can, but the process has become very difficult due to the unpredictable behaviour of Logic. Every track I make takes much longer than it did in version 9 due to the amount of time I have to spend looking for and implementing workarounds. Working around one bug is one thing, but working around a broken DAW is another. I’m not expecting perfection, but I expect that it should be strived for. The constant addition of new features without fixing bugs that have been around for years, shows that isn’t the case, and quite frankly, I’m sick of it, as are many others.
  15. Options: 1. Stay on 10.6.3 or previous versions, which are full of bugs. 2. Update to new OS and 10.7, which has all the old bugs plus some new ones, but has more features. 3. Start learning another DAW from scratch Not exactly a great set of options
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