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  1. I haven't run in to any tracks shipped to me with 0.0 levels, so hadn't realized the "no change" bug was fixed. As I watch your video, number 2 in particular, I can't quite see what is wrong. After Normalize Region Gain the Gain field in the region inspector should have the offset value that is applied to assure the peak gain of -6. I have no expectation that any of the gain offsets will be the same on a region to region basis. Are you expecting the Gain value for the region will be -6 for the region? or that the gain adjustment will be the same for each region?
  2. NB It has been my experience over many versions of Logic that the Normalize Region Gain function will make no adjustments to regions that have a level of 0.0 (like many normalized tracks one might get). The regions just stay at 0.0. If you adjust the gain of the underlying audio file and reduce it by a tiny amount (no longer 0.0) the Normalize Region Gain will adjust.
  3. I tried this with my phone and iPad. I attached phone, all worked as expected. I tried to enable iPad, did not work. Unplugged iPad, plugged in iPad, now I can enable it. Have you tried re-attaching the phone?
  4. If you were able to use the 8GB 2013 MBP to do your work you should probably have no trouble using an 8GB M1 MacBookAir.
  5. If you have selected multiple tracks, and "pushed in the clutch" - disabled groups - then adjust fader all of the selected faders will move with no action on grouped channels that are not selected. Assuming that's the action you wish to see...
  6. Don't forget the Touch Bar keyboard for those with a Touch Bar. Touch Bar is available on an iPad being used in Sidecar mode - handy. If you don't have a Touch Bar but would like to experience it there is a nifty piece of software that will put one on your screen for you - https://redsweater.com/touche/
  7. I normally have my channel strip metering scale set to "Exponential: Provides higher display resolution in the upper level meter range." On my machines, 10.7.0 and 10.7.1, the "Scale" option in Preferences>Display>Mixer is missing. My fader scale is set to "Sectional dB-linear" which is not what I want. Am I the only one? Feedback submitted.
  8. Try a different USB cable. Change the USB port that the 2i2 is connected to. Connect the 2i2 directly to the Mac, no hubs.
  9. As of 10.7 I have had reasonable success running native Logic with Intel plug-ins. No weird memory bloat, normal behavior. NB I did run Logic in Rosetta mode to let Logic scan all my Intel plug-ins. I have had a couple of plug-ins (T-Racks White Channel and White 2A) that fail to validate when Logic is native. Switch to Rosetta, those 2 plug-ins validate. They work fine when Logic is native, so it's the validation that is the tricky bit. I am currently of the opinion that I will run Logic native and only switch to Rosetta if I experience difficulties of some sort.
  10. I have a 14". Upgraded from an M1 MacBook Air with no fans. I have had the fans come on once on the MBP - running HandBrake to convert a video - I was surprised when the fans came on not at all loud and offensive. Using Logic and my plug-ins? Haven't found anything that will cause the fans to come on. I strongly suggest that you avoid the "cheap" model - get the 10 core. If your RAM usage with Kontakt never ran your old machine with 16GB of RAM then you should have no problems at all with 16GB on an M1. I can get memory to get used up (but not causing any trouble) by throwing 4 or 5 SampleTank packages up at once. They are in excess of 2GB of samples each, so the memory grows, but I rarely use lots of samples loaded. I haven't been unhappy with only 16GB of RAM. Given sufficient budget, or if I am building my only system for working with audio? I would get the 32GB of RAM. I "expense" my audio tools over a 3 year lifespan, so to me the $400 for memory expansion works out to about $11/month or about 35 cents a day. A lot less than having to buy a whole new machine if you need the memory.
  11. I find the speaker output of the new MacBook Pro (14") to be very respectable. A bit lacking in bass, to be expected, but otherwise I think it would be perfectly acceptable to mix on the laptop without headphones. This can work pretty well for me since I can sit in my living room, mix, then do listening passes through the big stereo system using AirPlay.
  12. The update for Sampletank is available in the IK Product Manager. I just installed ST4 on my new machine yesterday, wasn't native yet, update showed up today. Works fine.
  13. MacBook Pro - 25 seconds - no fans - all while Time Machine backup happening to external SSD. Yup - it's fast. Second try - 22 seconds - CPU History graphs showed efficiency cores up towards 100%. Performance cores - 1 at about 95%, 6 at about 60%, 1 at about 45%. Pretty sure the efficiency cores are doing the Time Machine backup.
  14. All of the software I want to use will run on Monterey - already is - just having the serious debate about keeping the "old" way and going through the work of re-installing everything. I am still not sure but I should do the clean install of everything.
  15. Pro tip - don't try to downgrade the OS on the new computer. The M1 started life as a Big Sur computer, and has been since the beginning. In fact - upgrade to Monterey as the first thing, then install things as needed. Trying to use older macOS is simply a path to pain. My new MBP shows up tomorrow. I will use migration assistant to transfer from M1 MacBook Air, but have a small thought to simply doing a ground-up re-install the world. Install things as needed. It is a "second" computer, designated to travel, so my working environment isn't really disrupted.
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