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  1. Because Nylon Sky guitars play a great performance, I just thought, let me take it to the extreme. Have it be a lead guitar. nOcWsq-unoo
  2. I was pointing this out that yes, it can run as a Audio Unit in Logic. If you knew it wasn't availble for purchase, why didn't you specify that.
  3. Check your manual. I have a MiniLab If I want to re-assign the knobs/pads to create different presets and save them on the MiniLab, then yes I need to use software from Aturia to do that. But, to change the Midi Channel on-the-fly, I don't need that software. I just hold the Sift Key (#!), then press one of the keys (at #8) to select the Midi Channel. You should be able to do the same thing with your Midi Controller, but check your manual for how to do that
  4. I got this email from Don't Crack regarding Nomad Factory plug-ins, which I own alot of. This look pretty good regarding Native M1 for Nomad Factory plug-ins.
  5. I am a registered user for several Image-Line plug-ins that are availble as AU/VST outside of FL Studio. Check the website. I can confirm on my Intel MacMini under High Sierra, these work with no issue. If you have later Intel OSX, I can't confirm if they run proper, but you can download a free trial. As a side note, I did purchase the all plug-ins for FL Studio that runs Native M1 and PoiZone runs inside of FL Studio as a Native M1, so I think they might release that soon as a AU for Native M1.
  6. Adjust Note Length (ms) I needed this for the Arp so I can dial in an amount to play a length of the Arp. This video shows what I mean. yDjQsdxtJG8
  7. Kudos to XLN Audio support. I put in a ticket regarding the Installer not being Native M1, I got a response that they're going to update the website shortly but they gave me a private link to the Native M1 Installer. I tested it and it works great.
  8. Glad you have your workflow. Since I'm a programmer, I always extend my workflow by using the computer but code it the way I want the workflow to go. I find the inputs, figure out the output, then code it. Trust me, I'm not a genius, but with the computer, it makes me look smart.
  9. Use an audio editor for that, if that's what you're really looking to do. Unless you're looking to mixdown several audio files for mastering, then you'd need to use an audio program that supports that. I kind of wish Apple would update SoundTrack Pro.
  10. Here's the link. M1 and Monterey support (November 16th, 2021) As an update to this. The current installer they have still requires Rosetta 2 to be installed. What I did was updated my Intel MacMini and sure enough, it saw there was a new version of the XLN Online Installer to be updated in my Applications folder on my Intel MacMini and it updated it. Turns out, it's a Universal App, so I copied that to my Applications folder on my M1 MacMini and I was able to install Additive Drums 2 without Rosetta 2 on my M1 MacMini. So Additive Drums 2 is loaded and working as a Native M1 plug-in.
  11. Here's the link. M1 and Monterey support (November 16th, 2021)
  12. Again, bypassing the Roman Numerial setup and entering chords directly. n_M6MgE79XA
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