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  1. See fuzzfilths answer in this thread: Bug or just a "personal" glitch? No Input Monitoring button in track header
  2. You use the midi in channel, set the drums track to 1 and keys track to 2 ?
  3. It's no longer needed, since midi in port and channel now has been added to the track inspector...
  4. None of those cables will work since the mic needs phantom power, which only works with an xlr-xlr cable. The mic is a mono source, and should be recorded to a mono track in Logic. Don't know what problem you have, is it that you only hear the mic on one side ?
  5. Could be this... https://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/topic/136671-undo-unpack-to-new-tracks-corrupts-project/#comment-785626
  6. So you can have a Drummer track playing perfectly fine, and when you connect your keyboard it goes silent ? Does the playhead continue to move ? Does the drummer region get greyed out ? Does this happen with all Logic instruments ?
  7. You can shift the Library focus by moving it's little blue "pointer" in the inspector. Click your send to see the receiving aux in the right channel strip. To move the "pointer", click left of the "setting" button as shown on screenshot. Hth...
  8. Might be worth mentioning that any environment cabling from the channel strip also gets deleted...
  9. Option-clicking a mute button would unmute all, so could it be that you're pressing alt/option when this happens ? A faulty keyboard could probably also cause it to happen, I guess...
  10. I'd say it's a glitch, and a pretty old one too... Have it here too on 10.5.1. (It's when changing patches from the Library this happen)
  11. I wouldn't use mp3 for this, have you tried an uncompressed format like .wav or .aiff ?
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