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  1. Personally I would stay away from DMD when doing recordings since it's so easy to break... https://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/topic/141265-dmd-unpack-take-folder-bug/#comment-818233
  2. What I mean is that there's no point in using multitimbral tracks, since the DKD isn't a multitimbal instrument.. (like e.g. Kontakt where you can have multiple instruments loaded in one plugin instance, responding to midi on discrete midi channels). DKD responds to notes on any channel the same...
  3. AFAIK, you can't run DKD as a multitimbral instrument ? Are you sure it's not a multi output instance you want ?
  4. Since sustain = midi cc64, this is the box to uncheck:
  5. Try turning off Midi Chase for sustain in project settings ? It's known to be buggy...
  6. The TR-8S features audio over usb, while I believe the TR-08 does not (?), so which one is it ? EDIT Found this on SoS : "With USB connected (and the drivers installed) your computer will see the TR‑08 as a 12-in/two-out audio interface as well as a MIDI port for clock and sequencing" So you should be able to select the tr8 as input device in Logic preferences and create 12 audio tracks and press Record, basically...
  7. Make sure the screenset isn't locked ?
  8. See fuzzfilths answer in this thread: Bug or just a "personal" glitch? No Input Monitoring button in track header
  9. You use the midi in channel, set the drums track to 1 and keys track to 2 ?
  10. It's no longer needed, since midi in port and channel now has been added to the track inspector...
  11. None of those cables will work since the mic needs phantom power, which only works with an xlr-xlr cable. The mic is a mono source, and should be recorded to a mono track in Logic. Don't know what problem you have, is it that you only hear the mic on one side ?
  12. Could be this... https://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/topic/136671-undo-unpack-to-new-tracks-corrupts-project/#comment-785626
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