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  1. I cant change interface or buffer size, logic freezes every time I hit apply... Just started when i updated to Big Sur. What can I do?
  2. Ok tried that. No different. Someone else suggested deleting logic preferences in the user library... idk if that is worth trying given this latest. Deleted those files... no change.
  3. Ok tried that. No different. Someone else suggested deleting logic preferences in the user library... idk if that is worth trying given this latest.
  4. So Im realizing this has nothing to do with my interface. If I select most any option within Audio Preferences in logic, and hit Apply, logic freezes. This is the case with my interface disconnected. So its a logic/apple problem. ideas?
  5. Im getting kinda desperate for help here. My laptop had issues and instead of fixing it I got this mini... Im far past a deadline on a big project having spent the last 2 weeks fighting with this. Motu support says it must be an issue on logic's/apple's end. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled motu software at least 4 times. 1248's firmware is up to date. grateful for any help
  6. Yes, it’s there without parentheses as well. And it shows up in Audio Midi setup and it’s ins/outs show activity as it happens.
  7. Hello After much effort my computer and motu Discover/Pro Audio finally see each other. Logic sees the motu 1248 but when I start logic says " previously selected interface is not available, 1248 will be used instead" which his funny... but then its in parentheses and logic doesn't see its I/O.. I choose the 1248 (not in parentheses) and logic freezes/crashes. grateful for any help. 2018 Mac mini catalina 10.15.7 logic 10.6
  8. Yep - I told you above where the Waves plugins are stored, so make sure you've coped your Waves application stuff over to the new machine... I didn't copy any of the waves stuff, I just reinstalled waves central app from the site and reinstalled the plugins from there.... not working. waiting to hear from them, but wondering if I should just delete all of the waves stuff and try again. could it be a permissions thing? idk much about it.
  9. Its version 12.0.16, the latest. Says its compatible with Catalina. The majority of plugins are working, so copying this way did save me a lot of time and effort. Since the Waves aren't stored there, I can assume this isn't why they're not working... .though there is the waveshell component file, which has two versions, in this location. I truly wish I could just copy/migrate logic from my other computer but Ive got almost everyone telling me don't, or Ill have to migrate the whole system, which isnt an option. sadly, Im losing some things. like, my NI Komplete, which, though I sold and transferred the license awhile ago, has continued to work on my laptop, even after updating the OS and Logic version. Of course, Ive grown to really appreciate it since selling it :/ Anyway, If anyone can point me toward resources on migrating logic alone, and if it might retain NI, Id be grateful.
  10. This is for my new (to me) 2018 Mac mini, running Catalina. Ive searched the thread, only mentions I find of this issue are unresolved. So first, I copied my components folder contents from my old computer. Worked for a few plugins. Been piecing together the rest. 2nd I installed Wave central and installed the plugins I'd purchased. When I open logic it gets stuck on scanning audio units. I abort. then I get a message listing several plugins (all of the Waves one and a few others) as "unavailable.. pls install.. .etc" Trying t rescan audio units does nothing. Empty pop up screen. Could it be because I copied the components folder first? I found one thread mentioning a duplicate of a waveshell file. I did find 2, one being older. deleted it and reinstalled Waves with no luck, only to find both there again.
  11. Appreciate the advice. I guess Im curious why its not recommened to migrate logic, if I can. Its setup exactly how I want it. thanks
  12. Setting up a new Mac for my studio, is there a way to migrate logic and all my plugins etc but nothing else?
  13. thanks everyone. Definitely leaning toward your suggestion. Im having ppl tell me I should be able to restore/migrate only certain things I chose from time machine... Is it possible to restore/migrate only logic as is but clean slate the rest? I use most of my plugins and it would be a huge pain to have to find them all again...
  14. Would it make more sense to set up my new computer as a copy/backup of my old macbook which has logic and all my plugins? Or, since I dont want most of the additional apps etc, should I start from scratch? Then Id have to re-download every plugin and such, right? Suggestions?
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