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  1. I wondered if it might be related to flex. You might want to bounce that flex track to audio, to keep working for now (keep the original flex track, but once it's bounced to audio, just turn it off and hide it), which will at least keep you working...
  2. Hmm, that's not good! You should certainly send those crash reports to Apple. Is this only on one project? If so, can you turn off groups of tracks and see if the crash goes away during playback - and therefore try to identify what track this is occurring on, or if it's plugin related etc...
  3. Yes, it means two successive MIDI messages will carry the combined 14-bit signal, extracted by Logic in the manner you document.
  4. Ah great - glad it was helpful! Like a lot of things, once you know the right way, it's not super hard, but it's often not intuitive or logical to know how to get there sometimes - that's where a bit of help or some pointers come in handy!
  5. The Modulation -> Tremelo plugin will do it, if you want a constant modulation:
  6. Note that as the Triton only supports 8 parts, to get 16 parts if you need them you'll need two instances of the plugin. (So, New track -> Triton, Multitimbral 8 parts for the first 8 tracks, then repeat that for the second 8 tracks.)
  7. You can use the Project Import feature to import content from one project into another... https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/logicpro/lgcpce085447/mac
  8. If you want to send regular MIDI to an FX/audio plugin (as opposed to an Instrument), you have to insert it *as an instrument on a software instrument track*, loaded from the "AU MIDI-Controlled FX" menu, and feed audio into it via the sidechain. That's Logic's way of letting regular audio plugins receive regular MIDI, as otherwise Logic doesn't send MIDI to audio plugins. Otherwise, you have to use the controller assignments/automation system to remotely control plugin parameters via a MIDI controller - which is probably not a solution for this particular use case, but I mention it for completeness.
  9. In the movie below, I:- Start in Combi mode Initialise the Combi (from the main Menu, not from where you were trying to Initialise a Part) Change the MIDI channel that each of the 8 parts receives on Select a different Program (sound) for the first few parts Now, the sound on Part 1 is played when I record/play on the first Logic track. The sound on Part 2 is played when I record/play on the second Logic track... etc I can save you out a preset or even a test project with this setup if you're struggling - but it's useful to know how to do it I think... Here's a combi setup with 8 parts on MIDI channels 1-8: Init Combi.aupreset.zip Unzip and copy this to: /Users/*you*/Library/Audio/Presets/KORG/TRITON Extreme/ (that's the Library folder in your home user account) ...then select it that Init Combi setting from Logic's preset menu to load it. Here's a Logic project already setup with 8 tracks and that Combi loaded, when each track will play a different part in the Triton: triton_multi.logicx.zip This shows it working, where you can see each part responds to MIDI being played on the correct track:-
  10. You can't do it directly with Logic's key commands. However, you could use something like Keyboard Maestro to run a macro when you press that key, and send a MIDI message to Logic which you have learned in controller assignments to do that specific task on that specific audio object.
  11. Can you do a screenshot of your combi? It should have up to 8 parts (which is the maximum with one Triton), with each part responding on a unique MIDI channel, and you can choose each Prog for each part. I just set one up here, for an initialised Combi - you have to set the MIDI channels for each part, otherwise by default they'll just be set to respond to the Global Channel. Don't expect that Part 1 will be set to MIDI channel 1, and so on, because there are many ways of setting combis up to respond to MIDI. Here's what setting the MIDI channels looks like: The first Logic track plays the Piano, the second track plays the organ, the third track plays the bass, all as expected. I'm sure there are example sequence template Combis in the preset library, but if not, just initialise and build one yourself and save it so you can always call it up by default to work with.
  12. You have the Triton plugin in Program ("Prog") mode, which is a mono-timbral mode, one sound on one MIDI channel only - which is why you are getting the behaviour you see. (In your screenshot, you can see the PROG button is lit.) To use it multitimbrally, you need to be in Combi mode, with 16 parts setup, one for each MIDI channel, and you can load a different Program on each part. Press the COMBI button next to the PROG button to switch the Triton into multitimbral mode.
  13. That would also be another solution, yes.. You might also be able to relocate Logic using MTC, SPP or MMC MIDI commands too...
  14. So the OP wants to create buttons that jump the playhead to particular positions, rather than just have a control to move the playhead back/forward? If this is not possible (or is buggy) via controller assignments, which is I guess what you're saying having looked into it (as I haven't tried it), then the alternative I could suggest is to create markers in the project at the positions you want, and use the various goto marker commands to take the playhead there via MIDI commands...
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