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  1. Open the library browser on the left side of the main window, select electronic drum-->beat machine. What appears in the arrange window is a track stack. If you want, you can also do something similar with an instance of EXS24 on each of the sub-tracks. Then you can save the whole thing as a preset in the library browser. When using it, whatever MIDI pattern you program on the aux track will be sent to all the sub-tracks. IMO if you want to simulate a linndrum, this would be the best way to do it.
  2. It's tricky but doable. You have to put the open hat in its own group and use the group's envelope offset column (view-->group columns). I think you can also use velocity ranges for the hard vs soft hits. But honestly you're better off using a separate instance for each instrument, making a track stack and saving that as a "patch"
  3. It should work. IIRC you have to use the pointer tool, not the pencil
  4. More and more elements are being removed from the UI frameworks, so you cannot make color changes with these via file editing anymore. You can check LPXColorizer, its the only remaining solution that can still access those visual elements. ah that's too bad but thanks for the reply
  5. I use keyboard shortcuts to move the playhead by division. You can also use a shortcut to move a region by one division. I think it's the fastest way to do quantized edits, although not so fun for automation. For that it's easiest to use the event list editor.
  6. Does anyone know how to change the color of the piano roll grid lines? It used to be possible but now with 10.7 new version the MAResources.plist is different
  7. If you are still here, thank you. This was driving me crazy.
  8. There's no point to this "feature" unless you can edit the loops.
  9. This is great! Thanks for sharing!
  10. See if mute is on in the mixer window. Track On/off and mute work independently.
  11. Logic says missing and plays the sine wave because it can't find the sampler instrument file you are saving. It is looking for your exs24 instruments in ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments. You should save your new instrument there when you keymap your sampler instrument from the instrument menu in the exs24 edit window. The instruments you already made are probably saved somewhere on your computer. If you find them you can load them and save them in the right folder.
  12. If you clear out enough space, you can have the master volume meter up top as part of your custom control bar
  13. Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust an instrument or effect parameter relatively? For example, if I have a patch already dialed in on a software instrument, I would like to make small adjustments by moving a knob on my controller left and right from the center position. Or for example, using the X-Y controller in the environment, if the control is the centered, then I have my patch as I have set it, but if I move the control off-center, the patch changes relatively. This way if I move it back to center, it goes back to the original patch.
  14. In the piano roll window: View--->Region Transpose
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