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  1. Indeed! I must have activated it while cleaning my MBP's keyboard while having LPX open. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, When I press Play the playhead first moves slightly to the left and plays. As a result I hear the very last notes of the regions Before the playhead. I never had this before, normally when I place the playhead somewhere and press Play, the playhead moves from the position it is placed by me. I disabled Midi Chase and the problem is still there. What could be the culprit? Macbook Pro M1 16 GB LPX 10.7.3.
  3. I have a midi region with lots of notes in it and I want to apply a Fixed Velocity to certain selected notes. How can I make sure only the selected notes are processed?
  4. That’s a good idea. I created a template where all the automated Regions are stored on a hidden track, easy to drag n drop this way.
  5. Hi everyone, Why does the imported midi file (right) one look different than the exported midi file (left)? There are extra dots in the imported midi file which makes it a hassle to sharpen/flatten the curves with the Automation Curve tool. Because I use automation a LOT I decided to make it more easy and save Regions with Region Midi Volume Automation in it. These regions have not notes. It is my plan to import those regions with automation when needed and to Join those regions with the regions I want to automate. To make it easy for myself I created a PDF with all the Regions Automation numbered. Until now my plan does not seem to work. When I Import my Exported Midi files those extra dots are there. The Automation Curves I created are just an indication, it was my plan to flatten/sharpen the curve to taste. Here you can see I numbered the Automation Regions How can I overcome this?
  6. If I select a midi note (C1) in piano roll: I can make this note jump to C4 if I double click in Midi In. Can I make this work with chords? So that when I select 3 notes in piano roll and play a triad chord, the 3 selected notes jump to that chord?
  7. Thanks for letten me know. Too bad there isn't a way to input notes when Logic Pro X is the App in the background.
  8. It was something Too small. Idk why I did not think of that before. The region was 32 Bars long!! My Mistake!
  9. I am using Kontakt as an instrument and I step recorded (midi in enabled) midi notes into the midi region. When I right or ctrl click on the region the Step Sequencer is greyed out. On the same track I CAN create an empty midi region and when I input notes I van convert this regio but somehow cannot convert existing midi regions to pattern regions. On the same track I Step Sequenced another region to see if I could convert this region, and strangely this region Can be converted. See pic below. I am sure I am missing something really small.
  10. Hi everyone, I have this question for a very long time because I have have ideas to experiment with. I’d like to have a Midi Note act as a CC with specific value. Example: when I play note C4 I want CC3 to be triggered with a 127 value. This C4 has to lose its melodic functionally.and act only as a CC trigger. I need a script for that. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone I have a new trackpad midi controller for my macbook with the possibility to: - divide trackpad into maximum of 20 pads And 3 Banks. So 60 key-pads, 60 drums pads, velocity sensitive and adjustable. -Several Sliders and XY's -MPE function And some more cool stuff. Everything works fine in my workflow,Except for two things and I am a dressing 1 of these 2 issues I experience in this post. If needed I'll make another post for the other issue. Audioswift is added as a Control Surface (mackie control) and in the in and out port Audioswift is selected. Issue: I can't input notes with Audioswift in Piano roll when 'Midi In' is activated. My other midi controllers Do work with input notes. I am hoping I can solve this issue in Logic Pro X.
  12. okay, I hope there will be an update in the future with this feature.
  13. I am using the Midi In feature in Piano Roll to input notes with the 'forward by division value' key command. Because I make use of a 1/16 swing value in Piano Roll I would like to move forward by a given Swing Value in stead of a 1/16th division value without a swing. Reason for this: I don't want to quantize afterwards but input the notes at the right swingspot right away via Midi In feature.
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