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  1. Thank you so much for your comments guys! I will definitely try to experiment a bit more with the choruses in different directions, I think I agree that it could hit a bit harder
  2. Recently dropped my hardest banger ever BOSS. We kind of experimented on this one, would love to hear what you think HxG8tdqep_A
  3. I'm a swedish rapper and producer who just released a new single "Honest". I'm looking to become worldrenowned and rapstar famous so please let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!
  4. Nice so exactly what I said in my reply? Very clever sir, here's a gold star ⭐
  5. Thank you so much for you answer! I do put the computer to sleep with Logic open A LOT so if that's cause for issue it's definitely that. Tried all the other things you mentioned though and it didn't help. Is there any fix for it? Or do I just need to open up a new project and remember to close Logic in the future?
  6. Hello I have been getting a reoccuring problem of latency when recording audio with external microphone. In the beginning it works fine but sometimes in projects from out of nowhere I get a latency when trying to record audio. I've tried turning it off and on and plugging out and in everything but nothing works. I've tried looking up forums but this seems especially weird since it only happens occasionally. Usually I just open up a new project and try to transfer everything which solves the problem but it's such a pain in the ass. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Hello, I've made a drum track using Dub Smash and it's finished but I would like to change the kick of the drum set to another. Specifically the kick in the Electro Bump set. Is there a way to do this in the already existing Dub Smash track instead of making an entirely new one? What I would like to do is just change the specific kick-sound to that of the Electric Bump set's kick but I can't find out how. I expanded the Dub Smash track so I could see each individual drum and tried to change only the kick by selecting it and choosing the Electro Bump from the library but this changed all the sounds in the drum set. Please help
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