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  1. Ah, okay, so Scaler is kinda funky. Maybe I'll go through everything installed and just double-check that they all basically work. If anything is funky I can remove it for now and see if things are better. Mind you, my 10.6.2 is running okay for now, so I may leave it for now. Sleeping dogs and all that... EDIT: I only mention Kontakt because it's "officially" not supported on Monterey, btw. It seems to work fine for me, too.
  2. Yeah, interesting. Thanks for mentioning this. I suppose it may be that something in the init process gets banjaxed just by scanning and validating the plugin? It's certainly very possible that I have some not-quite-happy plugins in my system. Out of curiosity, does that plugin "work" otherwise? I'm using Kontakt regularly, for example, and it works fine, but that doesn't mean it's not causing the system some grief.
  3. Hmm... Interesting. I wonder if there's something going on with USB? I haven't tried built-in audio, to verify another user's observations, but if the problem comes back I may give it a shot. The version of 10.6.2 I installed is running fine now, mind you; none of the issues I was having on 10.7.2. Very mysterious... What version of the OS are you on?
  4. Interesting. Surprising that switching the input over would change things... suggests it may be a lower-level issue (which also makes sense of my earlier experiences with the Music.app skipping during playback).
  5. Worth noting on my end is that I have had problems in the past even in system audio, e.g., with Music.app. It hasn't happened (outside of Logic) for a long time, so I suspect it was cured with an OS update (my machine shipped with 12.0).
  6. Hmm... okay, that's too bad. I'll have to run this copy for a bit longer to see if anything turns up. It's very likely a bug somewhere in Logic, and possibly involving particular plugins, hardware, OS, etc.
  7. That's encouraging about an update coming. I wish I could recall whether 10.7.1 was fine for me, but I'm pretty sure it was... kinda strange. It's quite possible this is a head-scratcher for the devs, as well... hope it's not too tricky to resolve.
  8. Okay, so just updating here: my friend sent me a copy of 10.6.2 from his machine. So far, so good—MIDI latency issue is gone, playback seems fine. I'll report back if things go south on a longer session, but the MIDI latency being solved is a big giveaway that something has changed significantly. I've literally never had to use the "Low Latency Mode" before, and that's the only way I could get responsive MIDI on 10.7.2. (And I'm not talking about razor-sharp MIDI here—on 10.7.2 it was in the ballpark of 500ms, so, completely absurd and obviously very wrong.) It's honestly so idiotic that Apple doesn't have a public repo for older versions. The idea that every new version is perfect for everybody, on every system out there, is just complete madness. Apple is such a weird combination of brilliant and moronic. Hard to understand... PS: Logic did warn about my current session being created on a newer version of Logic, suggesting there might be issues, but I haven't noticed anything thus far.
  9. Actually, can anybody report on a version of Logic that's working without issue on an M1 Pro or M1 Max? I know @a-stream mentioned being fine on 10.6.1. As I mentioned, I think mine was fine on 10.7.1, but I can't recall for sure. I definitely had it running fine on this machine (16" M1 Pro).
  10. Yup, it was stupid not to backup my copy. I haven't had any issues with updates for a long time... but of course, the moment you let your guard down... boom. BTW, One of the guys I work with has 10.6.2 on his machine, so I'll give that a go tomorrow.
  11. I was having similar issues a while ago, when I first got the machine, and fixed it by setting the Processing Threads to 10 (based on a YouTube video's advice). After that it ran beautifully... until recently... Stupidly, I didn't keep track of exactly when it changed, but it was sudden, and I think it was the 10.7.2 update that borked it for me. Going to see if I can roll back to 10.7.1 to test. I should note that I noticed two things, rather suddenly: 1) horrific MIDI latency, and 2) pops and clicks during playback. The MIDI latency can be solved by going into low latency mode, but I've never had to do that before, so it seems pretty ridiculous that I have to now. Also, it seems I'm not able to downgrade... Wtf, Apple??? I swear, they are the Overlords of Hubris. (Yes, Apple, regression bugs are a thing...) Anybody have any advice on how I might downgrade Logic? (I'm on Monterey 12.2... new machine, using something other than Monterey isn't an option...)
  12. Somehow I had completely forgotten the INSANITY that is Logic's inability to allow freehand drawing of velocities... bonkers. This environment would probably save the day, but it doesn't seem to want to open on Logic Pro X 10.7. Any thoughts?
  13. Yeah, as that thread points out, you can kinda do what I'm after with Velocity data, but not controller data (unless maybe it's not command-drag with the pencil...??). It's strange and kind of inconsistent, imho. I actually use this functionality of the pencil a lot for Velocity editing, which is probably why I kinda assumed it would also work for controller data. It is a bit clunky, as it's very hard to be specific, but it does at least offer a version of the functionality I'm after. Nevertheless, the curve transform solutions in S1 and Cubase are both much more elegant, in that they allow pretty arbitrary geometric transformations of the selected curve. But I have something working for now, so hopefully Apple's Logic team will figure out a way to offer an improvement in the not-too-distant future. Having to modify controller data isn't unusual when working with large sample libraries, so I think there's probably reasonable demand for something more efficient, and it seems unlikely S1 and Cubase would bother if nobody needed the functionality. The old MIDI Transformer tool has it's uses, but that UX paradigm is more-than-ancient and not at all intuitive for many operations. (I do love Logic, btw—not just being arbitrarily critical here... I genuinely **want** it to be better in these areas than the competition!)
  14. Hmm, interesting, thanks @JacobP. I did actually open the Crescendo transform the other day, but didn't know about the relative option. Will check it out.
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