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  1. I was discussing a reverb setup that I use in Logic with another producer who uses ProTools. I'm not a ProTools user, but what he said sounded to me to be a little crazy, and although I cannot see any way to do this from Logic, maybe he can do this from ProTools. I'm not sure. Here's my setup. I will use the same reverb on every instrument group, and set the pre-delay just a little bit differently for each group so that it puts them in a slightly different "space." I have to use as many reverb inserts as I have groups in this case, in order to have each reverb have a slightly different pre-delay. He says that in ProTools, he can use a single instance of the reverb with a send, and automate the pre-delay setting coming from each instrument group to that same single instance of the reverb, effectively automating the common reverb to have a different pre-delay for each group. Is this really something that ProTools can do? If so, is there a way to configure this in Logic?
  2. Running MacOS 11.6.2, Logic 10.7.2 and when I install new AU plug-ins, Logic will not scan them on startup unless I reboot. Garageband and Final Cut Pro will not scan them either, so it appears to be more systemic than just a problem with Logic. After a reboot, they will scan and get added just fine. I'm getting ready to report this to Apple and talk with support, but I thought I ask the brain trust here first.
  3. When does volume automation get applied to a track, relative to when plug-ins are executed? If I automate the volume of a track and include a compressor that squashes the track, does the volume automation come before or after the compressor? It appears that the plug-ins are applied before the volume automation, but I wanted to just confirm this observation.
  4. A client has supplied me with the piano sound she wants, but it's in an SFZ library (IvyPiano, a free download). I cannot find any references on how to use this in Sampler, though there are references on how to use SF2 files. Other than downloading another player, is there a way to use SFZ libraries in Logic Pro 10?
  5. If it's a real stereo recording then I'll keep it stereo of course. When it's a mono recording bounced to stereo I've been bouncing in place back to mono first. The last project I received 48 stems and only 8 were real stereo recordings.
  6. I've recently been receiving stems from a songwriter that are all stereo audio tracks. Unless it's an actual stereo recording, I've been bouncing these to mono before I start mixing. Is this something that you guys do, or do you deal with the stereo tracks? In a related question, if I put a stereo version of a plug-in on the track and then bounce this to mono, will that plug-in work correctly or should I replace it with the mono version?
  7. Thank you! It appears that Bus channel strips are a holdover from earlier versions of Logic and have been replaced by Aux channel strips. They are still used when importing Garageband files - which I was finally able to find in the documentation. Not sure why I was unable to figure this out earlier... but once again I thank you for your insight and helpful reply.
  8. I work with a singer who uses Garageband. When I open her .band files in Logic, there are two buses at the end of the mixer with no SENDS on them, and nothing I do seems to be able to add them. They are Bus 1 and 2, and from GB they come in as a tape delay and reverb. Curious why this is, and if there is a way to add a SEND to these buses. Right clicking on the bus in the mixer shows that SENDS is already selected... though clearly there are none available on these two tracks.
  9. Logic Pro just pushed out an update for sounds and possibly instruments. Is there any way to tell what was in it? I accepted the update and installed it but I don't know how to tell what was added.
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