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  1. having the same issue, could you hint what is meant by "list window mode"? i am selecting all the zones I think, but it doesn't apply
  2. Yes, you're right, I been taking advantage of that behaviour with "go to selection start" to hear the take... but want to really not have to worry to select anything else in my session...
  3. Hi, I need help to create a simple workflow to record multitrack from the live room, using the remote app. Arming and tracking a Take, listening back, then either keeping it or redoing (deleting it) it. I assumed creating shortcuts would be the way to go, but there isn't one for deleting the last recording after I already listened to it.
  4. Hi all, I am multi tracking in the live room and setting up a Logic X template and the iPhone Remote App with shortcuts. Tracks are grouped and I am using the shortcut "Toggle Track Record Enable", thus effectively arming the group. Now: Pressing the shortcut again will disarm all but leave the focused track armed. As the shortcut view in LogicRemote does not provide any channelstrip info, how can I reliably make sure that I have all tracks armed again?
  5. Thanks, Jakob and David, for hinting that direction - this looks about right. Any hints on how to prevent this greatly appreciated. It‘s very much messing up sessions here…
  6. Anybody found a sureshot way to avoid this mess?
  7. no always just one at a time. I had to work on different sessions with different sample frequencies lately, could it be linked to that?
  8. Hi I am working on a large session template filed after opening it again all the bus and aux names are mixed up, renamed - nay suggestions? thx
  9. Hi, I recorded multichannel into a loop, 5 takes in take folders, now I would like to unpack the tracks unto one long version, "unpack" creates more layers... thx
  10. When I make marquee selection, then hit Shortcut (alt)+ (arrow left)/ (right) enhance the selection Logic seperates regions. I made no further custom shortcuts etc.
  11. Mania, I agree, yes that is exactly what I was implying. I actually think the mic array (it is 3 I believe) sounds fine, it is just that processing, which in itself works amazing - but as so often with user-friendly design, be it a Ui or background processes - would be very interesting and useful to find out how to turn it off.
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