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  1. Oh... I have an answer, I didn't see that... Thanks Is the way I proposed/shown too complicated... it sounds alright... However, there are a lot of plugins in the last example - so I will give delay designer a go
  2. I meant to put these figures in: Would I have to create Three Busses/Auxiliary Channel Strips and apply the following, I.e.: Aux 1: Lch Delay 333.3ms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 Aux 2: Rch Delay 166.7msms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 Aux 3: Cch Delay 500ms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 thanks
  3. Hello How is a L, (Left), C, (Centre), R, (Right), created in logic with Logic stock plugins? For example, I would like the LCR DELAY to function with these settings: Lch Delay 333.3ms Rch Delay 166.7ms Cch Delay 500.0ms FB delay 500.0ms FB Level +10 Would I have to create Three Busses/Auxiliary Channel Strips and apply the following, I.e.: Aux 1: Lch Delay 333.3ms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 Aux 2: Rch Delay 333.3ms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 Aux 3: Cch Delay 333.3ms, FB delay 500.0ms, FB Level +10 Or is there a plugin, that could do that for me? BTW, I do not wish to create a DELAY L, R. I wish To create a LCR DELAY. Or, is there an easier option? Don’t forget, I have Reverb and Chorus, before the Delay - and there are quite a lot of plugins involved - if you see what I mean? Ideally I would like it on One Aux STEREO), like this. See below: REVERB; CHORUS; DELAY LCR As you can see in this screenshot (FOR DELAY LCR) the Aux strips are MONO Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the swift reply, For clarity, I will show the original Pitchbend: Fig A. Fig A. Unfortunately, when I click the Pitchbend Automation (at the beginning, middle, end, wherever, etc.), this will alter the whole Pitchbend appearance (as shown in Fig B.) For example, I click on the beginning of the Pitchbend value (-3), and this action will cause most of the Horizontal lines to become ‘Slanted’. Fig B. It doesn’t matter where I click, because this action will affect the appearance of the entire Pitchbend. I even followed your instructions and tested all of the commands you listed—and this proved to be ineffective, especially when I tested the ‘Control-Shift-Option-click with the Pointer tool’ It ended up looking like this (see Fig C.)—and it would not return to its original state, unless (of course), I type ‘command z.’ Fig C. My question is: Will there be any discernible difference in the sound if Logic renders the Pitchbend to that of Fig B from the Original Pitchbend (Fig A.)? Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi, I have imported a Pitchbend command (via midi out > in), from an external midi module into LP. However, every time I move the Pointer Tool to adjust the Pitchbend command values, this will alter the appearance of the Pitchbend. See the Two examples below: This is the original untouched version of the Pitchbend. It has smooth Horizontal lines. Fig A. The moment I attempt to alter the Pitchbend values (with the Pointer Tool), this will alter the horizontal lines (as can be seen below in Fig B), and they are no longer horizontal and there is a significant difference in the sound. Fig B. I remember seeing a solution to this about a month ago (on here), However, I cannot recall the appropriate command to keep the original Pitchbend as shown in Fig: A. Could someone please jog my memory? Thank you
  6. Yes... I LOVE it—I didn't realise it was so easy to set-up. Thanks so much! I always look at this site (EVERYDAY) to see what is happening and I have learnt a lot from here... I am now up to speed with Logic (after two years) and now I am better On LP than PT... I'm glad I changed DAWS—it has been hard but worth it thanks
  7. Um... I have no idea where to find 'Follow' or even how to implement this? Could you explain how to create midi from Audio and what I have to do to achieve this. Thanks again
  8. Or... You can do what 'Dan Worrall' does with White Noise (watch from 4:50), INSANE a94R5T4dSsM As Raffaele Sansone so aptly 'puts it:' My favorite part was when he crafted an entire drum kit from white noise. Absolute mad scientist!
  9. Hi there can you or somebody else elaborate on this paragraph a bit more and does it have to be mp3? thanks in advance
  10. Oh, there are plenty of good reasons my friend, there is a method in the madness, believe me - I would not go to all that trouble, If I did not think it was productive or worthwhile (but I’d rather not go into this yet - maybe another day!) These Operating Systems are very important to me (and I imagine a lot of people will actually agree with me on this), and I must be able to have these Four versions available whenever it is warranted. One day you may realise this - but it may be too late when you do. Anyway, Four will be enough until the next OS update - and by then the S*** will have probably hit the fan big-time. Soon, nobody will be able to boot-up anything on Apple computers - thats the way it is looking lately. I like to live on the cutting edge of technology. Btw - can anyone out there still help me? Thanks
  11. Hi, Sorry if I came off as being abrupt a 'bit earlier on' - that was never my intention. (everything is quite mad today - and i seem to be forgetting everything) * Let me put it to you this way: Say, for example, if I installed Monterey over Big Sur - I would have 'all the data' that was originally in Big Sur and it would now transfer and appear in Monterey - correct? * However, I would lose the Big Sur Operating system - if i chose to implement that method! * I cant recall how I have done [this] each year, but 'CCC featured heavily' in the 'Cloning Process' and all I'm trying to do is to duplicate Big Sur (so I don't lose it), and then update/upgrade to Monterey - but I still want to keep Big Sur. * I have done it three times before (as the screenshots show), but I cannot ''for the life of me'' remember ''how to go about it'' my memory doesn't serve me well at all - and I have forgotten how to do this. I'm sure there is a simple solution, but I cant remember it! For example: today I installed LPX 10.7.2, however, I duplicated LPX 10.7.1, in my application folder (so I had a back up before I updated - and then I can rename my back up after its version number and safely updated the original. I do it every single time and keep all the older versions for whenever I collaborate with someone who hasn't updated or if there's a workflow killing new bug introduced in the new version. Can you see what I'm trying to say? This is what I'm trying to do with Big Sur and Monterey (if you get my drift). I wish to keep Big Sur and have Monterey as well - but I want the Monterey OS to include all the data from Big Sur. Regards
  12. Hi-ya, I am on Big Sur. I also have Mojave and Catalina within my iMac (please see attachment), and occasionally, I switch between these Three Operating systems (for legacy plugins, mixing desks etc. running Logic), What I now want to do is to upgrade to Monterey (obviously not over the top of Big Sur though!). I have done this before (as can be seen)... However, I have NOW forgotten what I have to do! Earlier on today, I did install Monterey on a volume on my iMac - but all MY original data and plugins weren't there! There was 'nothing there' at all (i.e.: No Logic Pro 10.7.2, no plugins, no Carbon Copy Cloner, etc.) -- only a fresh install of Monterey! I have the very latest version of CCC (6.05), and I have now cloned my Big Sur internal memory on to my external drive successfully. I now wish to add a fourth Start Up Disk to my arsenal - but I wish to Duplicate the 'Big Sur Disk' and upgrade to 'Monterey' - without affecting Big Sur.  How do I do this? I hope I have explained my self properly. Thanks
  13. Hmmm, I feel very, very stupid now! I Saved As Vintage Mellotron:- I have unchecked: 'Include Apple Sound Library Content' and now memory is 540 KB So if I have MIDI and Audio Files featuring in a song - I check just the Audio Files only when 'Save As' Man, have I been getting myself worked up. Thank you so much!
  14. This is one solitary Software Instrument also (just the one) Is this operating under the correct parameters also: Theoretically, I could exceed 10 GB on one song, if I choose to instantiate more Software Instruments then - am I right to assume this? That's outrageous - I haven't got the money to spend-out on a SSD every month, especially a 1TB Samsung X5. Surely this has got to be a mistake... It's like a nightmare - who has even got that kind of money? Can anyone please tell me a way to circumvent this dilemma? thanks
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