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  1. I have no idea what I'm doing either. I'm living some kind of dream by trying to write music when I have time Your approach sounds solid and I hope you post something here for us to watch when you are finished.
  2. I don't know if this is of any interest to you, but I worked out a very fast and accurate way of establishing cue points in LPX. Basically, take an audio track (it might be a supplied dialogue file, but it can be pretty much anything)and put a scissor cut at every significant visual edit point. Now colour the various sections, so you can easily see each one as an individual entity. Using this guide, you can very easily adjust the tempo of each section to get an exact fit for your film-score, and to cue the intro point of new instruments etc. If it helps you, you can also expand with idea into a full 'spotting' session, by taking notes on the visual content of each section, the sort of emotional feel, approximate tempo, instrumentation etc. You can do all this in LPX, giving you a self-contained project. Thanks for taking the time to share this excellent pro tip. I hope to get more and more into this as time allows.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for taking the time to listen! I'll have to work more on timing my music to the scene...
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment! That is a great idea. I could have mixed in some of the original sound from the clip! (or perhaps incorporated a violin part to match the chord structure of the cue) Thanks so much for the feedback. All the best, James
  6. I wrote a very short piece and thought it might be fun to turn it into a movie cue. I set it to a scene from an old Sherlock Holmes movie... I am on a journey trying to develop my creative side writing some music. The folks here on Logic Pro Help have been very sharing of their time knowledge and it is much appreciated! Have a great day everyone. 9_r9d1hgZP0
  7. Dear David, Thanks for creating the book and this website. Both have been immensely helpful! Regards, James
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