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  1. Yes David, Apologize for the late response. I usually end up opening up another project to record my acoustic simulated parts. Then I once recorded tracks are done, I export out from this separate project and import to this original project that you saw. I hope this doe not continue, I am planning to do more tracks like Superior drummer sub group each drum into Logic Pro X 10.4. Whats going on? You're help is greatly appreciated Thanks!
  2. HELP!!! I was recording my electric guitar on 1 track and I saw the section Region clips being recorded as I was playing. But, unfortunately, when I press play, only a small region clip shows and somehow Logic x did not record it. I tried this a number of times and I even disengaged my Neural DSP guitar plug in and recorded direct and still did not record. I know before this though I did record guitar tracks using quick swipe comping where I edit some rhythm guitar parts and merged them to splice. I have included screen shots below to see if my settings have affected this. I am using Logic X 10.4 in Catalina 10.15 in 2018 Mac Mini. Can some one please help me on this? I am really bummed out since I am recording my e.p now. Your help and expertise is greatly appreciated!! looking forward to hearing from you soon!!
  3. Thank you fuzzfilth and triplets!! Appreciate the suggestions I will try those advice out!
  4. I have a Logic Pro X 10.4 through 2018 Mac Mini Catalina, I run(UNIVERSAL AUDIO) Apollo twin X as my audio interface and I recorded my vocals but lately I noticed that Logic X shows NO(INPUT MONITORING) IN EACH TRACK IN EDIT WINDOW. I tried everyday by closing the project number of times and even rebooted my computer but, somehow, I can't find a way to have the (INPUT MONITORING) to appear in any one of my tracks in the EDIT window. I do see the (INPUT MONITOR BUTTON) in the MIX WINDOW but not in the Tracks in (EDIT) window. Please check my attachments. Can anyone please help me to have it appear in the in the edit window? It sounds like my vocal signal sounds very soft when I am recording my vocals. I also attached another screen shot of before PHOTO with the (INPUT MONITORING) and (HIDE) BUTTON) and AFTER screenshots without the (INPUT MONITORING) BUTTON and screenshot with the(UA) Apollo Mix window. Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  5. Hello Fuzzfilth, Thank you for the suggestions, I did look at my car's manual and saw an aux input jack that I could run a 3.5 mm cable from either my Smart phone to listen to my Mp3 version of my single Master mix and /or bring my laptop and listen to the Wave file version to listen to how well my mix translates to this medium. Appreciate your help!! I'll try it!!
  6. I Tried to burn Single song Master session to C.D. , but somehow Logic X does not successfully do it. I tried a number of times on this procedure and took the advice help from a helpful person named fuzzfilth ,I went to the process as follows> - In the Bounce dialog, click "Burn to CD/DVD", then on the checkbox to the left of it - Choose CDDA - Put an empty CDR into the tray - Click Bounce After the process, I ejected C.D., and reinsert it in my Mac mini and C.D. radio reads it as a blank C.d. I run Logic X 10.4 in Catalina 10.15.5 through a 2018 Mac Mini. I know someone suggested to bounce to USB stick, but I didn't see any USB port input radio/C.d. player in my 2015 Camaro LS. I will check the manual for it’s location in my car. If I can find it then I can run my Mac book pro USB with a WAV. file Master of my song. I know this may be so outdated, but I would rather have this Single song Master burned to C.D. just to check my Mastermix for practice. I used a blank CD.R disk 700 MB 52X speed into an external Apple c.d. player/ burner , 80 min. Here are some posted screen shots. Do I need to download a separate software to do this? If so any suggestions where to get free download for my system? Can someone please help me? Thanks looking forward to your help!!
  7. I wanted to burn my Master mix session into a Compact Disc when I go to Bounce mode. I have not seen a Youtube video on this direct from Logic x/ I did see one utilizing a 3rd Party CD (Toast) method. Is it necessary to rely on C.D. Toast 3rd party software when you can can just insert a C.D. external drive and insert a blank C.D. and press burn to C.D. direct from Logic x? Can some one explain that? I just want to be able to hear my Master practice mix to hear how my mix levels translate into a C.D. player in my car and /or C.D player from my Radio. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello Triplets, In other words, I can still keep 10.4.1 version by duplicating and purchase the 10.6.3 version and still finish my projects in version 10.4.1. Then once I am done with 5 song E.P. in 10.4.1, I can start using the 10.6.3 version in the future? I just a bit afraid that purchasing and downloading 10.6.3 might offset my work flow in 10.4.1. Does 10.4.1 merge or morph into 10.6.3? or like you mention to duplicate right click app and have 2 versions. 10.4.1 vame from my older 2013 Mac mini. What is your best advice?
  9. Hello Atlas007, thanks for responding. As for plug-ins, I recently downloaded UA Distressor plug-in and wave plug-ins like Kramer and J37 Wave -plug-ins couple days ago. I also updated latest firmware from Universal Audio yesterday. Bergstrom Drum forge samples which I don't use with the project. I have 64 gb of RAM. Inspecting the crash log pop up window is rather too above my head to understand. I scrolled through the long list and see the word "Crashed thread: dispatch* etc. I pressed reopened, hopefully Apple can solve this issue. What are SMC & NV/PRAM resets? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello there Logic X experts, My Logic quits unexpectedly after a few minutes listening to my recordings constantly. Then I get that message Logic x quits unexpectedly and reports error and I reopen it. I am at the mixing premaster stages, is there a setting that I am overloading that needs to be adjusted? I did delete a few tracks and regions. My CPU/hd reading is normal and my I/O buffer is at 1024. I have 10.4.1 in Catalina 2018 Mac mini and run Apollo X with Apollo Octocore satellite is fine, but Logic X keeps quitting in the middle of a session for 2 minute or so. Can someone please help me? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello JakobP and Des99, I went ahead and looked at your two screen shots, and I went ahead and disengaged "input Monitoring " off and it helped as I looked at the CPU/HD and saw the meter reading distributed evenly among all the cores instead of one long core being overly saturated that caused the freeze. Secondly, I went ahead and set the Multithreading into "Playback and Live tracks" and that also seemed to help even more where I played back my recorded song 2-4 times. I noticed no glitch at all. Thank very much for your help appreciate it!!!
  12. Interesting, I purchased UA audio thunderbolt quad core and UA UAD-2 satellite w/ Octacore ( 2 quad core ) to avoid these issues in my 2018 MacMini. I must be overloading the Wave plug-ins and guitar plug ins from the external glyph ssd drive. Secondly, I'll check the UA audio pop screen on managing the DSP plug ins when both UA Apollo interface & UA satellite is on. I don't think I am using too much of it. I will find and isolate that particular track you mentioned as we both noticed a long CPU line on one core from the pictured I posted. When you mean split processing e.g.-that could mean like I am assigning 6 separate KONTAKT on 4 different tracks when I can split assign one KONTAKT of 5 different instruments to split to separate tracks? anyway, Let me get to it. Thanks Des99!!
  13. Here is a snap shot photo on the CPU and the pop up window "Error while trying to sync audio and MIDI.
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