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  1. Hi guys, I have a 192khz sample rate project and when I try to add varispeed it works when I slow it down, but when I try to speed it up there is no effect. Is this just a limitation of Logic pro, a bug, or have I messed up somewhere? Thanks
  2. Thanks very much. Are there any downsides to using the stereo plugin version over the send technique?
  3. Hi all, I am trying to apply a nice stereo reverb (chromaverb) to my guitar track. Because it's only a mono track the reverb is mono, but when I click to change the input to 2 circles, the reverb is good in stereo but I can only hear guitar in the right ear. Any ideas of how to fix this? I'm using the latest version of MacOS and logic, and using a scarlett solo. Thanks
  4. Not sure if you understand, Actually a LOT of people use 32-bit wav files, and even though there is no audible difference, many sample packs and samples are this type. And for the 99%, this isn’t a confirmed number but I can say for sure that there are not a lot of people who use dolby atmos mixing in logic. Far less than the amount who want logic to become like every other daw and allow for 32 bit unaltered file imports.
  5. Yea it’s a real bummer. Hopefully in a future update soon, when Apple focuses less on gimmicky features like dolby surround mixing (I know it’s not gimmicky but 99% of the user base has never used it or needed to) they can focus on quality of life improvements like 32 bit wav support, hardware optimisations etc.
  6. Alright I'll try just bouncing it. Thanks for the suggestion
  7. Hi everyone, How do I export an audio file while maintaining the length of the cycle range selected? I have a guitar recording that I want to keep the silence at the beginning and end, for ease of positioning in a collaboration I'm working on. My only options when exporting the region are: "Trim silence at end" which I don't want. "Export cycle range only" which doesn't work for some reason, and still cuts off the beginning silence. "Extend file length to project end" which still cuts off the silence at the beginning of the file. Thanks (LP 10.7.2, MacOS 12.1)
  8. All of the samples are in their own subfolders, about 60gb worth, mixed in with a few 24 bit ones. I just don't have that much time to set aside to complete that kind of huge task
  9. I've just submitted a feature request, so hopefully they think about it
  10. Well I was having some issues with the samples, most wouldn't play in the media window, some wouldn't drag in properly, and if they did work they would create a duplicate file in the sample pack with "-24b" on the end. I was thinking about converting them all but I realise that could take days or even weeks to complete all of them.
  11. My friend and I have a huge sample pack that we have made together, but he uses Ableton and can use 32 bit WAV files. I can't in Logic and after some research apparently it doesn't support it, but will Logic ever get this feature? It couldn't possibly be that hard to implement right?
  12. It's a 16gb ram model, the performance depends on the project, but the drum problem doesn't work on any project, big or small
  13. I've tried pretty much most things I can think of and I can't get it to work. Though it works fine on my laptop which is much newer, so I think it's a hardware problem. I will probably order the M1x Mac mini when they become available as I am in need of a newer system.
  14. Alright the file is too big to attach, but here is a link to it. I have ticked all the boxes and saved is as a folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XzEGclO1h5_0mPBoJjjdcQ86JC_MkvQc/view?usp=sharing
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