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  1. In such conditions, it is better for you to get together in sound studio. As far as I know, all visually impaired people use voice commands and narrator. I can't imagine using DAW with voice commands and narration.
  2. Can a computer-like thing, what looks like reminiscent of a monolithic thin client, used in client-server systems, considered studio-ready at all? Maybe it need a application server?
  3. peripheral devices chipsets are important. noname things will not work with mac
  4. Large pic: that is Sonars whole project window, opened is midi file. The open menu determines what data is shown in the track header. Another thing, what I have looking from another DAW's. Where can configure midi output devices? It's not found in Logic and Garageband but it exists in Sonar If any midi device is selected in that dialog, then in future opened midi files outputs will be routed to the device, what is checked in and first in the list. Third thing : JUNGERAD-x.MID Look track10. Sonar shows that: channel is 10, instrument is default (steinway), and plays drums. But what Logic does? ignores channel and plays the piano (that is default instrument) so that the hammers fly . Many DAW programs have that problem, the drum track (midi channel 10) is ignored and they add an wrong instrument to the drum track that is randomly configured as an instrument. Some of them ignore instrument and tempo changes too.
  5. You thought I had all 10 tracks so enlarged? No, only this one was zoomed. Maybe tomorrow i will add pictures. Here the night will begin soon.
  6. Then keep using Sonar With that track height, how many tracks can you see ? Three ? Four ? Even less ? What a question... I can see all the tracks, depending on the size of the score. There were 10 tracks in that score. All them was visible. I don't have any scores on dozens of tracks
  7. That is track heder what I want see midi track header is showed. It's my old sonar. /*I showed my old broken workstation a bitten apple. his bad mood and tendency to strike disappeared immediately. */
  8. switch all tracks midi in port: keyboard, and input channel: 1 , then switch tracks REC on now can play (record) all synths simultaneously. QjackCtl would make it even easier On a Mac, he only sees the sound card, not the DAWs and synths. a signal from one source can be sent to multiple destinations
  9. That is possible only in Linux. Because macworld (and windows too) don't support audio/midi routing apps like: QjackCtl - JACK Audio Connection Kit. It can route one keyboard to multiple jack supported synths.
  10. I would call this an unnecessary oddity, that could be turned on with an optional checkbox if the user is indeed visually impaired. /* It is the user's own problem when using a too high resolution monitor. Maybe the key code Ctrl + "+" help them, it made a good picture. I don't see a magnifier option in accessibility settings. it usually attaches a magnifier to the mouse cursor at a selectable magnification. */ I think, It is sufficient to paint them in a contrasting color to identify the tracks.
  11. did you spend all your coffin money?
  12. Maybe not. It will require yamaha's gear. What is *.STY file specification? If it's same as midifile, then simply change .MID to .STY what happen?
  13. Hello there, I have a freature request: Dublicate or move track related data (I/O, FX, automation, monitoring switch, etc) to there, were are the large icon showed. Why the icon gets zoomed?
  14. It's audiotrack? It looks like midi track not audio track. audiotrack has a waveform like icon: In this pic I am recording from inputs 7 and 8 //request moved out...
  15. I understand You. As I remember, Cakewalk Sonar shows custom markers from midifile. But it's windows only and discontinued now. I dare say the DAW's of the macworld has a lot of room for improvement.
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