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  1. Hi! Sorry for being away for such a long time. I´m having issues with Step FX quite frequently and so far gotten much help from the duplicating method from Danny with a simpler approach. I simply drag the buggy instance of Step FX to another track and insert a new instance of Step FX to the original spot where I dial back the settings. After that I simply delete the moved instance and it's all good.
  2. Hi, Danny! Thank you for your interest. Here is a quick screen recording with an oscilloscope to demonstrate that track meters are all active including Stereo Out but sound is all muted. I was unable to catch the very moment it went inaudible as the moment is hardly predictable, but recorded the aftermath. You can see that deactivating the Step FX instance doesn´t help although on few occasions it has. Also not a single automation is even drawn/recorded to the track with Step FX. It happens on all projects I include Step FX and the problem is still present even when I import all data to a new project file. 6S20eIb5b84
  3. Hi! First started noticing this in Logic 10.6.0 and it is still present in current version 10.7.2. Anyways... when I use a native plugin called Step FX on a project everything works well until I re-open the same project the next day. I get a clipping Stereo Out bus, but not from the very beginning of the project. Usually few bars are playable and then suddenly Stereo Out is heavily clipping and from an oscilloscope I can see that output is offset to negative (bottom) side of the oscilloscope. Only way from there on is to close Logic and after re-opening mute or delete all instances of Step FX. Maybe there is a better workaround of a fix for this? Issue is present on Mac Pro 5.1 (4.1) using RME Raydat (pcie) and Macbook Pro M1 Max using Antelope Audio Zen Q SC over thunderbolt so I can´t blame my Mac Pro being too old. P.S pardon me English, not a native speaker.
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