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Mapped Instruments for Multi-Out MIDI instruments. Any tips?


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I plan on venturing into the MIDI Environment to set up a Mapped Instrument so that I can rename the piano roll to fit with Superior Drummer 3.


I’m already bracing myself for it to take a while (not least having to manually input each of the key assignments), so before I get started I wanted to check in with those in the community who are or might be familiar with this.


Any tips? My main concern is whether or not it will work smoothly with a multi-out on the plugin.


My end goal is to have a piano roll showing the names of all of the different drum samples, along with SD3’s multi-outputs routed into Logic (i.e. mirroring a standard audio recording setup for a drum kit (Kick In, Kick Out, etc). The routing is fine at the moment, but I don’t want to go through all the bother of setting up the piano roll just for it to negate that routing later.

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Yes, it will work fine.


The only thing the mapped instrument does is process the MIDI notes and provide labels for the keys in the Piano Roll. It does not affect how the plug-in functions or any of the audio routing for the multi-outputs.


It shouldn't take you that long so just do it and you'll see for yourself, and while you're doing it, if you encounter issues, let us know here and we'll help! :)


Tip 1:

After you create the mapped instrument and cable it into your SD3 channel strip, drag and drop it to a track header to assign it to that track.


Tip 2:

When you're in the main window and you see a label in the Piano Roll you want to correct, double-click the mapped instrument icon on the track header to open the Environment window where the mapped instrument is located, then double-click the mapped instrument to rename the label.

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