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Logic Pro X and Yamaha Motif XS-8 -- questions

Sun Dec 06, 2020 7:58 am

I have this old Yamaha Motif XS-8 monster of a keyboard that has now come out of a box it's been in for years, and I am trying to get it to work with Logic Pro X on my Mac.

Here are the two things I want to do, but haven't yet figured out how (they're embarrassingly simple, I'm sure, so be gentle to a newbie):
1. For some tracks, I want to record the great sounds that the Motif itself puts out as just ordinary audio in Logic as if I were recording any external instrument.
2. For other tracks, I want to use the great 88-key Motif keyboard as a plain MIDI controller to control Logic Pro Library software instruments and sounds.

[ Hardware setup detail ]
I'm using a PreSonus Audiobox iTwo as the USB interface for MIDI and audio into the Mac. I have MIDI OUT from the Yamaha going into the PreSonus' MIDI IN, and L/R LINE OUT from the Yamaha into the L/R LINE IN of the PreSonus.

[ Issues/Questions ]
• Logic "sees" the PreSonus box but not the Motif beyond it, as a MIDI device. The Motif is set to Channel 1. Why doesn't Logic "see" the Motif? Why does it identify the MIDI device as the PreSonus? Shouldn't it "see" the Motif?
• I do notice if I play chords on the Motif, Logic "knows" what the chord is I just played... like if I play A minor, it shows "A m" and if I play C it shows "C" etc. I don't know if that is a clue that the devices are talking via MIDI or whether Logic just recognizes musical chords from the audio input, and is able to identify what chord was played...
• I don't hear any audio on an audio track when I try to record.
• When I create an External MIDI track, it "sees" the Piano voice I'm using on the Motif, and if I record, it records notes, and the sound meter indicates there' sound, but I hear nothing, during recording or playback.
• How do I set things up to record a Software Instrument track where the Motif's keyboard is used as a MIDI controller?

Any suggestions? I'm hoping this is all bone-headed newbie error stuff and eminently fixable :-)
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Re: Logic Pro X and Yamaha Motif XS-8 -- questions

Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:16 am

HI, I had have a Motif and I think you skould connect usb direct from Motif to the computer and only audio thru the interface, you must also have a midi driver installed. Begin with this first.
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Re: Logic Pro X and Yamaha Motif XS-8 -- questions

Mon Dec 07, 2020 5:55 am

Logic can only see the first device connected to the MIDI port...in your case the PreSonus interface. As Byland wrote, using USB from the XS-8 for MIDI is a better idea, especially since you can then use the Remote Mode to control Logic! You will need to install the Yamaha USB driver appropriate for your Mac.

The chord recognition means the MIDI is being received.

BTW, the XS8 onboard MLAN FW interface can be used with the appropriate Yamaha drivers as a 16 in/6 out audio interface as well as carrying MIDI. You can use it on any Mac with either FW or Thunderbolt with the appropriate interface adapters. In that case, you don't use the USB connection at all.

P.S. I can answer most of your questions, but it will take a while to type it all in, so stay tuned.
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Re: Logic Pro X and Yamaha Motif XS-8 -- questions

Mon Dec 07, 2020 7:53 am

Thanks folks for the replies.
In the hours it took to get moderator approval of my original post, I figured out all the issues pretty much :-)

I now have the Motif working as a MIDI controller for any software instrument in the library, and it all sounds great. Plus, I have the line audio from the Motif going through the PreSonus and into Logic, and I'm able to record tracks now with that.

I'm sure I will have other issues as time goes on, and I am thinking about doing the mLAN approach.

Reason I didn't plug the Motif's USB directly into the Mac is I'm out of USB ports... need to get a hub or something....