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How to make a regular project out of a track alternative

Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:04 am

I recorded a bunch of different acoustic songs onto one project, which has a few project alternatives. I wanted to separate them, and so I saved-as and deleted the extra tracks. Then I found that this project too still has the alternatives and is still a copy of the former project that's valued at 7+GB. I realize that the 7GB isn't being duplicated each time, but nonetheless I made a new project and tried to simply drag the tracks I want onto it from the other project. This time a different issue occurred. I make two audio tracks on the new project to drag the audio (with takes) from the other project. The first audio file is dragged without problems, but when I try to drag the second audio file onto a different track, it instead goes onto the track where I dragged the first file and replaces it. I hope all of that is clear, kinda of difficult to explain concisely.
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Re: How to make a regular project out of a track alternative  Topic is solved

Mon Apr 26, 2021 12:58 am

I recommend you never have two projects open at once. If you need to import tracks from one project to another, choose File > Import > Logic Projects.

Otherwise I would open the desired alternative, do a Save As, make sure it's orgaized as a folder, copying audio files into the project folder, then triple-check that I have a full backup of the original project that contains all the alternatives so that I make sure I won't be losing any data, and start editing the new copy, removing the undesired alternatives, and then saving again.
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