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Importing iOS garageband project in Logic Pro: Missing exs files

Fri May 07, 2021 7:02 pm


I am Stephan from Germany and I produce song concepts in garageband iOS, later export them as a project and then import this project into Logic Pro.

I recorded some drum samples from another app (iMPC 2) via inter-app-audio into the sampler of garageband and made a really nice beat. The recorded samples are saved to the mediathek and I can use them in every new project.

As I tried to open this project in Logic Pro on my iMac there appears an error message „xxx.exs is missing“.
It only happens with those recorded samples.

Can anybody please help me as I need this song for an opportunity that is important to me.

My specs:
iPad (7th generation, 2019) with latest iPadOS
iMac (late 2019, 5k, 32 GB RAM, Core i9) with latest MacOS
Logic Pro and GarageBand iOS latest versions
(Beats — pre-made & custom — music production & online mixing/mastering)

Logic Pro 10.6.2 & GarageBand for iOS 2.3.10
iPad 2019 — iPad OS 14.5.1
iMac 27 Octa Core i9 3.6 (5K, 2019) — MacOS X 11.3.1 — 32 GB RAM
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Re: Importing iOS garageband project in Logic Pro: Missing exs files

Sun May 09, 2021 5:29 pm

I'm not very familiar with GarageBand for iOS but you need to find a way to either save the sampler instruments along with your song before you share the song with your Mac, or to share the sampler instruments themselves to your Mac.

I couldn't find much info on that in the manual unfortunately. Anyone else here familiar with GarageBand for iOS?
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