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What a great Logic Pro session class this past weekend!

Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:05 pm

david and darren were non stop info gurus this weekend, and as i breeze through these ? posts, i know many of you would value the one on one as i did - one of the biggest reasons these classes work is that along with being great teachers, david and darren are great musicians and can communicate their art fluently

i highly recommend these classes! if you can swing it, go for it - travel, camp, do what you need - the hollywood area this took place at was cool, very ethnic with great restraunts etc .....easy to get to

it was also great to meet many forum people and talk shop at lunch et al, all very cool people working in many genres of the industry

i'll come back for more of these i'm sure
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Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:36 pm

Thanks Steve! It was good meeting you, and seeing some familiar faces again as well. I'm glad to hear you learned a lot from both workshops! :wink:
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Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:45 pm

I was sorry I had to miss these classes. I wanted to go but I was giging all weekend. I am hoping David is going to schedule more of them. I see there is another on Dec 15, but Saturdays are not good for giging musicians like me. Any chance you can schedule one mid week? hey how about a tuesday?
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Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:07 am

I had a great time, glad to hear you did too! Thanks for the awesome comments -Darren
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Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:25 am

Agreed. I could only attend the class with Darren and enjoyed it a lot. Darren is a wonderful person and taught a number of cool tricks. I really wished that I could get to meet David during my visit but I guess time did not permit it...anyways, may be next time.

By the way, I really wish you could organize one of these classes in the New York area. If you have the synthesizer tweaking workshop around the NY area, you can take for granted atleast one reserved booking :)
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Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:26 am

psychoid wrote:
I had a great time, glad to hear you did too! Thanks for the awesome comments -Darren

Hi Darren. Guess who is using the newly learnt stutter effects like a madman for his productions....gracias gracias.