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Bluecat's Plugin Output - and the problems with it

Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:29 pm

Hey all,

So I just purchased the Bluecat Dynamics plug, eager to try out it's automation output feature, which I think is very promising, and something I sincerely hope Logic Pro X's plugins will offer.

Here's my setup:

- audio object 1 has the Bluecat plugin inserted.
- Monitor object connected to audio object 1.
- Vertical fader connected to Monitor to convert fader messages
- audio object 2 connected to vertical fader
- waves de-esser plugin inserted on audio object 2, threshold is controlled
by output of vertical fader.

Here's the thing. When I move the vertical fader by hand, the de-esser threshold reacts as expected. However, when I play the song (with a simple drumloop on track 1), the monitor shows data, the vertical fader is flying, but the de-esser's threshold slider is NOT.

I realize both audio objects have a different channel (i.e. Audio 1 and Audio 2), and I suspect this is the cause of my troubles.

Is this a limitation or have I just overlooked something?

Any workaround?

Very much looking forward to your answers.