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Elysia compressor

Fri Jul 15, 2016 6:50 pm

Thoughts? And in general on their stuff... Thanks!!!!!
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Re: Elysia compressor

Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:15 am

Great technology, what ever they make.

The mPressor has an interesting Ratio characteristic enabling you to do a more creative expansion type of effect. The Gain parameter distorts by design when driven high, you might want to follow it with a gain plugin to bring the audio back down to earth!! It has a built in tilt eq to help bring back some brightness to the sound once you treat it Or you could boost some bass. The anti-Log release also helps give the tail like a gated, more punchier type of sound. t's quite creative for a compressor

Alpha Compressor is for mastering and has very low ratios for that reason. Great for any type of buss. It also has a Soft clipper which effectively limits the signal in a more round, tape like fashion. It has a bit in Sidechain Filter making it convenient to cut out some of the bass frequencies so your audio doesn't pump as much. The Warmth switch introduces some subtle analogue saturation effects and it has a Mix knob allowing for easy parallel processing.

Museq is great eq, quite transparent, but it isn't passive in design. It has a slightly different interface where it generally introduces boosts unless select the (-) button where that makes the finer cut instead. The other button is for a narrower bandwidth or Q otherwise known as a notch button. You are limited with your bandwidth choices, but these folks have done their research and have chosen intelligent bandwidths for their eq. Its of a discrete design which generally makes for nicer technology albeit more expensive and trading off some flexibility. It has resonant peaks for its LP/HP filters too which can be used to effect.

Nvelope, is a transient enhancer, but allows toy to effect the attack and body of the sound separately, targeting different frequency ranges. Its 3 different modes will produce different results. Because of it's design it makes it handy for shaping sounds further than just the usual transient enhancer.

Its all great tech with mid/side features which comes in hand from time to time. Periodically this stuff ends up on sale and you're generally best leaving off buying until you can grab it at a bargain.