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Drum Set Rim Clicks (Free)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:40 pm

As a drummer, I often play my ostinato patterns on the rims of the drums rather than, say, on the hi-hat or ride cymbal. I love Logic's Drum Kit Designer, but it doesn't have those rim clicks. I wanted to produce a whole album with sampled drums, so I recorded my own samples of the rims on my drum set. I then created an EXS24 instrument of the rim clicks (which can be used on its own) and added the rim click track to a Drum Kit Designer "Producer Kit" patch that I designed (which sounds pretty dope even without the rim clicks IMHO). By default, the rim clicks are mapped to octave 1 if you want to play them separately. But, as part of the Producer Kit patch, I transposed the rim click track up 4 octaves so that you can just select the track stack and play the drums (octaves 0-4) and the rim clicks (octave 5) together and just have one MIDI region for all of the drums. I also added a Space Designer plugin to the rim click track to emulate the room sound of the Drum Kit Designer drums. If you use Room B in Drum Kit Designer, then you can just mono the verb. Mix to taste. Enjoy! Cheers!
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