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Guck's Song

Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:31 am

Here's yet another song from Jura Soyfer's play Der Weltuntergang (The End of the World, premiered in 1936): https://soundcloud.com/joerg-pegler/song-des-guck-words-by-jura-soyfer
Professor Guck has discovered a comet that will hit Earth soon (the comet has been sent by the sun and the other planets in order to wipe away the "infestation by humans"). He has developed a machine that could deflect this comet, and he needs support and money for building it, but nobody listens. While the news of the approaching end of the world is good for business, nobody could earn money by buliding Guck's machine.
With this song Guck tells his story and what truth means to him, the foolish scientist, on the one hand and to business people on the other hand.
Here's a translation of the final lines:

"Right is wrong and wrong is right -
Remember, fool!
Wrong is right after all.
Whoever values the truth higher
Will be checkmated!"
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