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Love, Hate, Love (Alice in Chains) - first recording

Tue Jul 28, 2020 1:05 pm

Hi all,

So I just got Logic Pro X and tried my first recording as a cover, over which my friend is going to sing.
The song is Love, Hate, Love, and would love to hear if there are improvements I can make on this.
I tried do go for garage y sound for this, tried to make the guitars as "dark" as possible, to try and get close to that heavy Jerry Cantrell rhythm sound.

Used amplitube 4, a combination of Dual Rectififer, Marshall Slash AFD 100 and ENGL powerball in the rhythm (Studio room in cab section) + EQ on amplitube rack.
Mostly preset EQ over it on Logic in the channel strip.

https://soundcloud.com/abir-mahbubulare ... -love-aic2

Any thoughts and comments are appreciated!