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Audio channel strip for clavinet

Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:29 pm

Can anyone suggest an audio channel strip setting (and effects plugins) for running a real Clavinet into Mainstage so that it approximates the sound of Richard Manuel’s on “The Last Waltz”? Playing a tribute show in a few weeks and want to make it as authentic as possible. I’m especially having trouble picking the right amp/speaker combo in Amp Designer and getting the right phaser sound. (And maybe a noise gate? it’s a little buzzy because, yknow..real clavinet)

(Sure, I could use the built-in clavinet, save my back and probably nobody would know. But I don’t get to use my real instruments much anymore.)

I’ve been using Mainstage for years but never tried it as a processor for an analog instrument.

MacBook Pro 2.3gHz i5 8GB RAM
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