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Multitimbral Midi Input and Midi channels output

Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:35 am


I am having some sort of problem in MainStage 3.4.4. Not sure if it is a bug or an expected behaviour... Thanks in advance for your insight!

I have an external instrument channel strip which is controlled by two different keyboards on channels 2 and 3. I setup the Midi Input as Multitimbral with the appropriate keyboards and their midi channels.
I also want both pitch wheels of those keyboards to be sent to the external instruments, which I map with screen controls.

The problem:
The midi channels of the pitch wheels seem somehow to be changed to the first channel used in the Multitimbral window (in this case channel 2), so both the pitch wheels output on the same channel, which does not seem logical to me...

Is this normal?