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Program Change MIDI messages to external devices

Sun Dec 13, 2020 8:53 am

Hi everybody; I just went through a mac mini migration (got the new M1 model) and while it was not easy, I got everything running.
One thing that did not work for the life of me was sending Program Change midi messages to a couple of external modules I have.
Originally, I had 1 channel strip programmed with the device channel address, and I would copy and “paste as Alias” at the right patch, and then configure that copy to send the appropriate program change message to the device.
Apparently, the alias copies did not work. I had to “copy and paste” the channel strip or configure a new one, but couldn’t really make it work from an Alias.

Did anything change in the latest versions of Mainstage that I may have missed, where the Aliases don’t do what they were supposed to do in earlier versions?
Don’t know if this is bug, wanted to check before submitting.

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