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Update my trashcan 2015,wait, or buy a new 2019 mac pro

Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:31 pm

I have a 2015 6 core 3.5 MG, Mac pro, with 64 gig of memory, 1TB SSD and two Thunderbolt 2 raid systems set to it. After asking around, I was told the 6 core would be the best fit for me. Well it wasn't. I usually end up with about 130 tracks, but 30 - 45 tracks of audio when finished.
Of course every new computer that comes out, the virtual instrument companies will create VI's that use a lot more CPU power. I like to keep my song in live MIDI form for as long as possible. If however I use complex UVI or U-he instrument patches, I can bring Mac to a stop with about 15 instruments, (actually I get a loud click and then no audio). My solution is to turn some patches into audio, save instrument as channel strip, and then reset it to nothing. Then I can continue. But as I work on a piece, I sometimes decide to change a chord in middle, do some harmonies, which requires me to do over the audio tracks again. A hassle, but doable

OWC (Other World Computing) offers a 2 TB SSD, $699 and a 12 core CPU $479. The new SSD is runs twice as fast, and OWC claims the architecture of the Mac can handle that. The instructions to replace the 6 core CPU with the 12 Core are very clear cut. Having experience with the insides of a Mac and PC. I feel I can do it myself. OWC charges $700 for the service. I bought my two RAID systems from them, and am very pleased with their professionalism, quality, prices, etc.

From what I'm gathering, with the 2019 mac pro, there will certainly be substantially more expensive. possibly putting it beyond my budget. I'm debating whether to upgrade my Mac pro. I was hoping Apple would come out with a somehow cheaper model of 2019 in a year or 2. But the more I think about it, I doubt it.

I was wondering what others are considering. I certainly don't want to go the 'hackintosh' route. I've use Logic for over 30 years, and don't want to change DAWs, or platforms at this stage of my life.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts about this.
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Re: Update my trashcan 2015,wait, or buy a new 2019 mac pro

Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:26 pm

Have you thought about a new Mac mini? No personal experience but they seem to getting a good wrap for capability for music.
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Re: Update my trashcan 2015,wait, or buy a new 2019 mac pro

Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:59 am

they're great! The minis.

I'd buy the new Mac Pro if it wasn't 4999$ starting point with a measly 8-core.
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Re: Update my trashcan 2015,wait, or buy a new 2019 mac pro

Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:02 am

Mac Mini or change platforms, for me. I currently have one foot in Win/Cubase land and it's been ok.. Not ideal, of course after being a Mac Pro user for so long (like learning a new language lol) but it's worth knowing what the alternatives are.... And it ain't all that scary now i'm 6+ months in.

Being able to maintain/upgrade/fix my own machines is a big factor for me, hence my move personally.

But as per the previous replies, Mac Mini hands down the sweet spot machines for Audio users. That's very clear.