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peak and RMS - overall audio file

Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:19 am

as one can easily do with REAPER (via the SWS add on) - would LOVE to see LPX capable of running scripts - in this case to derive values for peak and RMS average per bounced file. 

Currently, there's no way to run scripts, and there's no way to tell for sure what any bounced file's average peak and average RMS is. Further, its not obvious what value Logic's Level Meter plugin displays (during playback, or after stopping playback), is it an average of the last 30 seconds, last 120 seconds, or 1800 seconds, or something else? Apple should make this crystal clear.
With REAPER, I also admit I dont know how its algorithm works, but at least I get a "final answer".  And it is a formatted, professionally displayed dialogue, one I basically trust.
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