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dragging a midi file from one project to another

Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:13 pm

Sometimes I change a midi track too much, and want to go back to what I had.. I shut off audio engine, open an earlier version of project.. Drag it from one project to the new project.. Yet Logic deposits it 2 - 3 tracks below where the cursor was, deleting the original track.. I don't remember this doing this before.. I don't use this function a lot. obviously you can just drag it in after the original track, then move it to desired destination.. so you don't lose anything just 2 steps more today..

I must say now that Logic Pro has really been improving for me.. Running with OSX 11.1 is the best for me.. I work on long projects with lots of changes.. Each change causes a new name "song1,song2,song3' etc " Many times when I get up into the 800+ project, the project will usually get corrupt. bogus markers all over the place, every tracked volume at max - full pan to one side.. Instrument names deformed. With these last two updates, no corruption.. Up to version 1000 now..
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