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Where to save then? Exs24

Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:36 pm


I've been working with samples as of late. Using the exs24 has been a beautiful thing up until now when opening the project file as a whole and learning the sample cannot be found.

Before I learned it was because I had my projects being save a package and not a folder. I changed to fold thinking everything would be inside and I could see everything. For a time it seemed that worked.

Not the case anymore as it still shows the sample cannot be found. I tried the "find instument" in the sampler. Even the options-then preference then find on all volumes thing. (Within the sampler) still nothing. Mind you, I can see the sample in the folder. So I'm not really sure why it can't be found. Wondering if how I created the sample has anything to do with it.

Draged file from media on to mixer. It became an audio track. From there I make a new instrument (sampler/exs24) I drag the audio track into the sampler editing window. Then my sample is made. When I'm done creating that I close out of that window. It asks if I want to save and I'll put what ever name and it's saved.

Now. My questions are:

Where does logic usually put the saved samples?
Where should I save my sample so that I won't have this problem?
How can I relocate my missing samples or reconnect them to the exs24?