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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:42 am

So, I've now got my next month cut out for me, as I download and analyze these projects. 8-)

Y'know, looking at these just reminds one of how damned good these artists are and were. (Pretty damned good re-interpretation of them, too!!)
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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:31 pm



4+20: Stephen Stills contribution to the Deja Vu album. I messed around with the song.
(616 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Fleetwod Mac

Coming Your Way: song by Danny Kirwan from the early FM.
Coming Your Way.zip
(382.56 KiB) Not downloaded yet


Purple Haze: based on the live version from Woodstock. Main riffs...no solo
Purple Haze.zip
(339.46 KiB) Downloaded 4 times

Voodoo Child: based on studio and Woodstock. No guitar...never had the balls to play it.
Voodoo Child.zip
(298.91 KiB) Downloaded 3 times

King Curtis

Memphis Soul Stew: impossible not to groove with Bernard Purdie on drums.
Memphis Soul Stew.zip
(474.26 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Omega: progressive rock from Hungary!

Petroleum lampa: time to stamp your feet!
Petroleum lampa.zip
(615.66 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Sapanyolgitar legenda: another one from the first record. Means something like "Legend of the Spanish Guitar".
Sapanyolgitar legenda.zip
(463.17 KiB) Downloaded 2 times


Fat Bottomed Girls: a classic from the Queen
Fat Bottomed Girls.zip
(347.89 KiB) Not downloaded yet


Man in the Dark Sedan: live version from Manual of Errors.
Man in the Dark Sedan.zip
(401.96 KiB) Not downloaded yet


School: one of my first transcriptions. It's kind of a mess.
(822.7 KiB) Downloaded 1 time
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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:24 pm


Aretha Franklin

Rock Steady: Pretty Purdie on drums! Most of the song is just me fooling around with some ideas.
Rock Steady.zip
(627.53 KiB) Not downloaded yet


Never Let Go: loosely based on a live version from 1993
Never Let Go.zip
(444.62 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Dave Berry

My Baby Left Me: fun song with Big Jim Sullivan on rhythm guitar and Mr. Jimmy Page on lead.
My Baby Left Me.zip
(353.77 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Frank Zappa

More Trouble Every Day: there's no way to delay that trouble comin' every day! From "A Token Of His Extreme".
More Trouble Every Day.zip
(376.67 KiB) Downloaded 1 time


Firth Of Fifth: solo by Hackett
Firth Of Fifth 0643 a 0711).zip
(2.05 MiB) Not downloaded yet

Larry Coryell

Souls Dirge: from a 1971 live record called "Fairyland". Larry on vocals in this one, he does a great job. And of course...Pretty Purdie
Souls Dirge.zip
(334.98 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

The Band

The Weight: ahh classic!
The Weight (0000 a 0059).zip
(344.18 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

The Rolling Stones

Miss You: boy what a rhythm this guys had!
Miss You.zip
(515.83 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:03 pm


Invisible: progressive rock from Argentina! Formed in 1973 and led by one of the greatest rock musicians in Argentina: Luis Alberto Spinetta. They issued 3 records.

Nino Condenado: crazy time signatures!
Nino Condenado.zip
(409.8 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

La maquina de hacer pájaros: progressive rock from Argentina! A group formed in 1976 led by the one and only Charly Garcia.

Boletos, Pases y Abonos: great song from the first record. Never recorded the guitar part.
Boletos, Pases y Abonos.zip
(593.55 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Bubulina: a section from another great song from the first record.
(517.4 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Por Probar el Vino y el Agua Salada: a section from another great song from the first record (I happen to like this record so much!)
Por Probar el Vino y el Agua Salada.zip
(468.25 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Pappo's Blues: blues rock band from Argentina led by one of the greatest guitarists in the world: Pappo Norberto Napolitano. Pappo was a world class blues guitarist. Some of you may know him from the live concert BB King gave in MSG in 1993.

Trabajando en el ferrocarril: really fun song to play.
Trabajando en el ferrocarril.zip
(620.96 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Pescado Rabioso: classic rock from Argentina! This band was a supergroup created in 1971 led by Luis Alberto Spinetta. They played blues rock. They issued 2 records. Worth checking out!

Blues de Cris: amazing guitar on this one.
Blues de Cris.zip
(329.22 KiB) Downloaded 1 time
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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:13 pm


Led Zeppelin: my favourite so you'll see a lot from them.

Black Dog: pure Zep. Some sections based on the live TSRTS version. Studio solo (it's out of my league but had to try it)
Black Dog.zip
(435.13 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Boogie Chillen: always loved Zeppelin bluesy medleys. From the TSRTS version.
(311.95 KiB) Downloaded 2 times

Bring It On Home: groovy bass from JPJ. Based on the HTWW live version.
Bring it on home.zip
(349.56 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Celebration Day: mamama I'm so happy! Based on the TSRTS live version.
Celebration day.zip
(510.83 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Custard Pie: Zeppelin grooves from 1975 onwards were insane! Solo from studio.
Custard Pie (0138 a 0215).zip
(348.2 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Darlene: from CODA...Zeppelin trash was any musicians treasure
(280.67 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Dazed and Confused: based on the first section from the live TSRTS version. They went crazy with this song live.
Dazed and Confused.zip
(404.45 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Down By The Seaside: sweet song. The guitar parts are really fun to play.
Down by the seaside.zip
(345.45 KiB) Not downloaded yet

For Your Life: tight but loose like they liked it. They only played it live once in the O2 concert. Based my self on this version...Jimmy at his 70 years old still inspires with his guitar playing.
For Your Life.zip
(379.46 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Hello Mary Lou: another bluesy medley by Zep. This one from HTWW
Hello Mary Lou (LZ Live HTWW).zip
(337.42 KiB) Downloaded 1 time
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Re: Logic Pro X backing tracks

Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:16 pm


Good Times Bad Times: incredible drumming by Bonzo!
Good Times Bad Times.zip
(1.84 MiB) Not downloaded yet

Moby Dick: a percussionist...John Henry Bonham! Only the riff.
Moby Dick!.zip
(307.87 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Nobody's Fault But Mine: groovy song.
(456.68 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Over the Hills and Far Far Away: based on studio, TSRTS and HTWW.
Over the hills....zip
(473.01 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

Sick Again: based on the 1975 live version from Earls Court.
Sick Again.zip
(564.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet

The Lemon Song: main riffs and a bit of the solo.
The Lemon Song.zip
(550.04 KiB) Downloaded 1 time

The Rover: a mix between the live versions from 1977 (they only played the intro before moving into Sick Again), an early rehearsal and the studio version. And of course...the solo!
The Rover.zip
(318.26 KiB) Downloaded 1 time