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Re: Talkback button

Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:47 pm

LFE06 wrote:
Here's a talkback button.


Hope you like it!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. It's exactly what I wanted to accomplish for having a talkback function in logic.

anjikyuzan wrote:
Hi guys,

-if using keyboard keys since I have not yet found a way to dissociate the note on and off of incoming message just inside logic environment

now press the note and it triggers

That's what I wanted to do - use a note key on a MIDI keyboard to activate the Talkback Mic. I took @LFE06's talkback-B and @anjikyuzan's Voiceover Template files and continued from there. I also changed the inputs slightly to fit my setup with Vocalist mic on Input 1 and Talkback mic on Input 2.

First, I mapped C-1 to trigger the talkback button in the Voiceover Template, but "note off" from the MIDI note didn't turn the talkback button off. Nothing I tried in transformers would filter and change the Note Off event. After some searching and experimenting I figured it out. I used info from this post about environment note off handling to get the idea to set a transformer to condition splitter to split note on and note off.

Second, now that I had the MIDI keypress split into separate "note on" and "note off" paths I focused on each separately. The "Note on" path was easy. I just used what was done in @anjikyuzan's template - a transformer that fixes the velocity to 1 and feeds into the talkback button. But I took it one step further. Instead of setting the talkback button to accept note input, I modified the transformer further to convert the note event to a fader event, and just fed that into the talkback button as is.

Third, I manipulated the "note off" event to turn the talkback button off. This was difficult. And this may be a little different for different people since my note off event had a velocity value of 127, where I think I read that others were seeing a value of 0. (Anyway make adjustment in the "Note to fader 0" transformer for that as needed) The transformers wouldn't recognize or transform the note off in any way until I figured out that I could convert the note off to a note on event. It wasn't intuitive, but it worked. I changed the note off to note on by filtering for Note in a transformer and changing it to... Note. This resulted in a Note on event instead of a Note off event. Then I hooked up one more transformer to finish transforming it to a fader value of 0. I cabled the last transformer into the talkback button and it worked! Key release resulted in turning off the talkback button.

I have attached pictures of the environment in the "note on" state and "note off" states with monitors all over so you can see what's happening. I've also attached my logic file with the environment for download.

Note On:
Note On.png
Note On.png (74.76 KiB) Viewed 4637 times

Note Off:
Note Off.png
Note Off.png (74.66 KiB) Viewed 4637 times

Environment Template File:
Talkback-D_Note On and Off.logicx.zip
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Re: Talkback button

Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:04 pm

For complete flexibility, it would be great to have other options for triggering the Talkback button, but I don't know how to set them up. Maybe those much wiser and experienced than I am can tell us how to:
  • Trigger the talkback with a key on the (typing) keyboard, like the letter "T" or an unused function key (I have a full size keyboard with number pad and function keys all the way up to F19)
  • Trigger the talkback with a button on a control surface, such as the "USER" button, or one of the F1-F8 buttons on my logic control

That would allow easy use of the Talkback button in any setup - with or without a MIDI keyboard, with or without a control surface...
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Re: Talkback button

Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:10 pm

Hey Tootone,

Thanks for sharing your template!
There was indeed a little mistake with my previous one that I corrected, I am attaching it to this post.
I have set the MIDI-type message to respond to the sustain pedal of my MIDI keyboard. This way I can still use my hand, edits and talk at the same time!
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