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Convert midi timecode to SMPTE?

Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:40 am


Does anyone know how to convert timecode of a MIDI file into SMPTE?

I have a MIDI file and when I open the file in textedit timecodes show up as something like èxˇ instead of a timecode like 01:00:00:00.
Is midi timecode relative? Basically, is the èxˇ value actually referring to a fixed timecode or is it ticks or frames relative from a start position?

I've found a couple of websites about it that makes sense (looks similar to "F0 7F 7F 01 01 hh mm ss ff F7"), but none of them look anything like the èxˇ characters in the midi file.
Maybe I just need to open it in a different editor or with a different encoding or something?

(my end goal here is to import midi files into an application and extract the timecode data)

Thanks for help!
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