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Integrated Sidechain (not plugin dependent)

Fri Jan 17, 2020 5:50 am


Modern mixing methods involves more and more sidechain, often using plugins such as LFOTool or VolumeShaper ... This trick is quite old, yet not a single DAW thought of implementing straight into the DAW code, instead we have to rely on third party plugins. This makes things too complicated for what a simple thing. I personnally use two sidechain tracks = one for kick and one for snare. Everything goes through it, except the kick and snare of course.
When exporting stems, you have to make sure you select the tracks with the sidechain on it, or else you can restart all over again.... And believe me no matter how hard i try to remind me of doing it, i always forgot a few times....

Please, Logic Pro programmers, be the first to integrate a full fledged, simple to use, super clean and export friendly sidechain feature right into logic pro ! It's about time someone does it !
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Re: Integrated Sidechain (not plugin dependent)

Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:20 pm

It's not really clear to me what you're asking for. Do you want a sidechain dialog box on every plugin window (including ones that don't support it)? Or a built-in plugin utility for sidechain ducking (which logic has plenty of, such as Phat-FX or Compressor etc etc)? Or to automatically detect sidechain routing on a bounce and auto-select tracks to include (which is not desirable behavior for everyone to have as default)?

I don't mean to be rude but it's very hard to tell what you're asking for...
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Re: Integrated Sidechain (not plugin dependent)

Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:57 am

just an option to create a NEW SIDECHAIN TRACK. When you click on this track, a window appears letting you select which tracks / groups are affected by the sidechain + an envelope curve editor. On the timeline, you can trigger the sidechain with midi regions, just like a regular midi track.

No need for complex bus / midi routing, no need for a 3rd party plugin, no latency issues (which are common if you bus groups through sidechain and they have plugins on them).

Sidechain is too complicated right now, for absolutely no reason. It should be SIMPLE, and built WITHIN the DAW.