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Midi instruments input and the newer MacBook Pro.

Thu May 21, 2020 2:04 am

Hi All,

I’ve recently started getting more into my music again. Along with that I’m diving deeper into using my external keyboard to drive VSTi. When did Logic become so bloated that my system below on even a single VSTi can’t have any plugins going even on 128 buffers without very noticeable lag. Also if I add to an existing project I’m not even able to get sounds. I’m fairly confident other than perhaps 16gb ram being light?, that my MBpro should handle all well.

This happens with a single kontakt instrument or anything else. All work 100% stand alone no latency noticed.

Edit: just an update note. While I’m sure Logic has become more bloated I’m hoping my 2001 Motu midi express xt with version 2.01 firmware is to blame. I’ve ordered a 2.5 update meant to solve intel chip issues. I’ll report back if that solves this. My native instruments s25 I doodle with doesn’t suffer as badly.


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