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Saved summing stack patches don't retain port # info

Sat May 23, 2020 7:25 pm

I'm using Summing Stacks to save presets to optimize my workflow. I noticed that the patches I save don't retain port # information...everything defaults back to Port #1. Some of these stacks can be huge using up to 4 ports (4x16, so 64 midi channels) so having to reset the port numbers of 3x16 tracks (48) every time I drop the patch into a project seriously slows down the workflow. Is there some way to fix this? If not, I'd love to request this be a feature for a near future update. Seems like an oversight.

Saving a template is not the answer I'm looking for, btw. I use those too and those DO retain port # info, but this is more for presets I can impulsively drop into a project as I go. I know I can also probably import summing stacks from older saved projects, but being able to use the actual preset function built into logic seems like a cleaner and faster way to go.
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