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Script to play a Chord but trigger with another note

Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:14 am

hope you're all doing well. I subscripted to this forum a few minutes ago but I'm already using a bunch of scripts from here. Thanks for that.

I'm looking for a special script. I looked for it in several forums but still haven't found what I'm looking for. Since I have absolutely no experience in scripting, I need your help.

My Question: I want to play an organ pedal live in addition to playing guitar and singing. I need a logic midi fx script that kind of works like for example Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic. That means I trigger a chord with one pedal and one instance of logics chord trigger, but instead of playing the chord at once the script I'm looking for shall only capture the incoming notes and play them, wenn I trigger them with another note on the organ pedal.

E.g. I'm pressing C2 on the pedal, midi data runs through Logics chord trigger which changes it to a chord like C4,E4,G4 the new script is receiving the chord notes and plays it when I press C3 on the pedal. My aim is to play a very easy piano our accordion accompaniment with my feet.

Any Ideas?

Best regards, dertimo