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Post-production workflow improvements

Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:36 pm

Logic has always been geared toward music mixing but I have been using it as my main video post-production DAW for a few years now because it has some benefits over Pro Tools. Firstly the video engine isn't as CPU hungry as Pro Tools which needs minimum of 16GB RAM (32GB recommended) to run the video engine which a lot of laptops don't have. Secondly it is better for portable mixing because it isn't so particular about iLoks and licensing and there are many great plugins that come free. However there are a few things that sh*t me to tears about doing post-production work on Logic and I would love them to be addressed in future updates.

1) Forcing you to create a new track when you open a new project. Nine times out of ten I'm opening a OMF or AAF in Logic Pro so I don't want to have to create a new track every time I open a project. I know it is easy to just create the track then delete it once you've imported the OMF/AAF but it is just an annoyance in a regular workflow.

2) Dragging 2 channel files into logic automatically puts them in a track as a stereo file. There are many professional portable recorders such Sound Devices 552, Sound Devices 702 etc that will record a 2 channel multi-track WAV but it is not a stereo track. It might have for example the interviewer on CH1 and the interviewee on CH2 and you want to edit them separately as two tracks in Logic. This is a recording common format in film production because it means you have less files to deal with. If you drag a 3 channel or 4 channel WAV file into Logic it will ask if you want them on separate tracks or on one track, but 2 channel files always seem to be forced into a stereo track.

I'd love to see these changes implemented.